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Okay, so this week we got some HUGE updates regading some upcoming superhero movies. We got so many updates in fact that it's a bit hard to keep up with them all. So, I've decided to sum up this week's recent nws and develoments about the our favorite comic book films, all in one click!

Avengers:Infinity War Update

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It was revealed by the Russo Brothers that one of the characters included in the film WILL be Scarlett Witch, not only that but also we might see her in her full potential. Other possible additions include either Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange,and perhaps evens Nick Fury!

It was also clarified that the movie won't actually have 67 characters. According to Huffington Post, Infinity War writer Stephen McFeely said:

That number comes from the fact that that’s everyone who’s already been introduced. If you line up all the characters who are available to use from the prior Marvel movies, it racks up to about 60 something characters, let alone the new ones you could bring in

One thing for sure is, we're going to see A LOT of Thanos.

Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League

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DC's Justice League continues to grow as it casts another actor to join the movie. That actor is none other than the legendary Willem Dafoe. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Willem Dafoe is joining the good guys, apparently.

However, what role he's playing is being kept very secretive. Obviously, DC are cooking up something really, really good for us!

X-23 Might Make Her Debut

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A couple of days ago, news broke that Wolverine 3 is currently casting for a character with almost the same specifics of Laura Kinney. I sure hope its X-23! The wolverine clone is a huge badass, and seeing Laura debut in Wolverine 3, that will mark Hugh Jackman's final portrayal of Wolverine, making the movie all the more awesome!

Robert Downey Jr Officially Joins Spider-Man:Homecoming

Variety announced that Robert Downey Jr, will appear in the hugely anticipated Spider-Man reboot. How much he will be featured in,or what role he's going play in the movie is unknown. Fingers crossed that we get to see the Iron Spider!

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Shazam Has No Script Yet

One of DC's far upcoming line ups is Shazam. Featuring the charismatic Dwayne The Rock Johnson as the antagonist Black Adam. The development of the movie is off to a rocky start (no pun intended) because Shazam still doesn't have any script written yet, as Heroic Hollywood revealed in their podcast.

Deadpool 2 Progress

20th Century Fox officially announces that Deadpool 2 has began production! The company announced the news after it was confirmed that director Tim Miller will return with his entire creative team. As we all know, the highly anticipated sequel is rumoured to include Cable.

The Wasp

The Wasp is going to be center stage in Antman and The Wasp. I think we can expect a lot of focus on Hope (Wasp) in the movie. Apparently, the writers and director Peyton Reed are really interested in Hope. That's also the reason why she wasn't featured in Civil War, because the writers want to develop The Wasp in a better and more satisfying way. Thanks?

Inhumans Cancelled?

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Unfortunetly, it seems that the Inhumans wont be showing up on the big screen anytime soon. Marvel announced the full schedule of its upcoming movies, and sadly The inhumans aren't one of them. Maybe this isn't the end for the inhumans, as they were introduced in Marvel's Agent of SHIELD series. Perhaps the show will establish the inhuman race instead of the movie?

The Flash Casting

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Ezra Miller is already set for The Flash as Warner Bros. big-screen Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, but now they're casting up for the rest of the primary roles in the film. Heroic Hollywood revealed that some of these roles are Iris West,Eobard Thawne, Leonard Smart, Jay Garrick and Fred Chyre (a detective).

What piece of comic book news has you most excited?


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