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My favorite movie of all time is the legendary Ghostbusters. I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed both Ghostbusters and the sequel. Ivan Reitman did a tremendous job creating a world that was unrivaled compared to other science fiction universes. I'm anxious to see if Paul Feig can do the same with 2016's Ghostbuster Reboot.

Although, I'm optimistic, I remain "cautiously" optimistic. After viewing the trailers for 2016's Ghostbusters there were a few things I wasn't fond of. The thing is -- "I ain't afraid of no ghost". 1984's and even 1989's films in the franchise were creative in making the ghosts in the movie play second fiddle to the main characters. No true Ghostbusters fan loves the movies because of the ghosts, it's because of the characters. It was comical and amusing to watch them react to horrific events in a casual and humorous manner. It will truly be an uphill battle for the leading ladies in the new movie to try and compete with Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stanz, and Winston Zeddemore.

Which character is your favorite? Take the quiz below and see if you can become your favorite Ghostbuster!


Which Ghostbuster Did You Get on The Game Above?


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