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I have been watching movies all my life. Growing up I have always wanted to be like the heroes on screen. Realizing those jobs were boring i
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Well I've decided to try and think of some games that personally I would love to see in VR...

Only thing is I gave myself some rules, like no easy targets, and no games that are already obviously gonna be in VR. So with those limitations I managed to narrow down 10 games and game series that should have some form of VR implementation, or get a new VR title equivalent.

Remember it doesn't matter whether you prefer the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Playstation VR (PSVR) or some other VR helmet. What really matters is the software and the fact Virtual Reality is now a reality..... (no pun intended)

Again NO easy targets.

I mean if someone says like, "ooh Battlefront should be in VR!" Well no duh, that's why it is. Or GTA V, again pretty sure its going to be, and modders already have that covered. Also, I am gonna try and stay away from simulators, jobs or animals, because while those are more obscure, we are pretty much certain we will see those in the future.

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Let's continue then!

These aren't really in any particular order. They are all equally worthy of a VR game. They are ranked I guess by my personal taste


Or essentially a god simulator, I mean think about it. Managing your own world, and with the sweet Touch controllers or PS Move controllers you can build your society just like you were using a paint brush. Also, your whole world is viewable with the turn of your head. For you sadomasochists out there, you can destroy the world from your throne above and have your own little society like in that one Twilight Zone episode.

War of the Monsters

Now many out there have stated they would like UFC to be made for the VR or games like Fight Night. While I am all for fight night, I don't really see how UFC would really work without using your legs. Instead I propose someone should make an awesome monster battle arena game just like the ones on XBOX, PS2 and GameCube. You become any monster you want, and with you is a special assortment of special moves, such as fire breath, a tail whip (triggered by a fast movement of the body) plus many more. On top of that, add descructable environments and online multiplayer. How badass would that be? I call Gigan!

Left 4 Dead - Horde Mode with multiplayer

Now I know this one is more than likely gonna be on the way, but in reality I don't know. There has been no official mention. Bottom line, imagine Left 4 Dead with the same mechanics, just with the use of motion controllers for melee weapons, a full 360 view and the ability to dodge incoming attacks. A tank throws asphalt, you can duck under it, or jump out of the way quickly.

Chivalry or Lightsaber fighting

A real free form sword fighting game. I mean not the telegraphed sh*t of Star Wars Kinect, I mean a real free form sword fighting game. Also with the online mechanics of Chivalry, you can be sword-fighting people all over the world. Now imagine that along with a Star Wars spin to it....

You know instead of Chivalry, let's make this Light-saber battle game. Yeah let's go with that.

WoW or any MMO RPG

Now let's keep the sword play of the last one we mentioned, add some spell casting mechanics. Maybe a massive sever? A vast open world. Hundreds, nah, thousands of quests to accomplish. Dungeons to loot. Maybe a party system. Oh yeah and some Role Playing system to level up your player. Yeah that sounds great! Now what should we call this.... hmm Huge Role Roleplaying Multiplayer Fantasy game... yeah that sounds right! Should we implement an "if you die in the game, you die in real life" mechanic??? Nah, although if EA makes it, I guess it would be more like pay or you die.

Time Crisis

Have you ever heard of Police 911? Its an arcade game that responds the players actual physical movements and allows the player to duck and move in and out of cover. Well let's take those mechanics, and add those to Time Crisis, and that is what you would get. You may be wondering why not just get that game in put it in VR? Well, while Police 911 is fantastic, it doesn't carry the same style and feel of the arcade classic Time Crisis. A game where you murder thousands of people with a fun arcade vibe.


Now if you know what Catherine is, just think about it... Doesn't this sound weird, cool and terrifying all at the same time!? If you don't know what Catherine is, it's a puzzle game made by Atlus that has a unique puzzle system where the main goal is to move around block so that you can climb up to safety. All while trying to avoid falling to your death, or being killed by a massive grotesque monster. Also the game plays with themes of infidelity -- now that sounds fun!


Do I really need to explain why? I mean imagine playing a fast paced adrenaline-inducing racing game, but you can wreck your car. I mean Forza and Gran Turismo sound great, but can't you literally get into a wreck in those games? Sure that sounds scary, but that is where the fun lies. I mean think about it, wouldn't you want to be in a horrible car accident where you or nobody else got hurt and you dont' have to pay a dime for the damage? Of course you would, we as humans love to destroy things. I mean if you were Bruce Willis from Unbreakable, wouldn't your day job be a Crash Test dummy for Honda?

Shadow of the Colossus

Now I am not entirely sure how this can be perfectly done, but just imagine this. You need to defeat a giant in front of you, you have a sword and you need to climb to the top of the giant's head to hit that sweet spot. Not only do you get to swing around a sweet sword, use a bow and arrow, and ride a horse, but you also get to climb a moving mountain. Don't look down, and hold on for dear life. Otherwise you are going straight down.

Hidden in Plain Sight (Xbox 360 Game)

Now this game I highly recommend doing more research on, but basically this game is a version of hide in seek in a huge crowd. A game with multiple gameplay modes. You are in a huge crowd of people. You have no idea what your target looks like, but only that they are doing something that make them stand out. It can be an article of clothing like Waldo, or they can be pickpocketing people. Your goal is to pick them out and eliminate them. I see this as being one of the ultimate VR games, because not only does it give a great perspective, it tasks you to be vigilant of your surroundings, as well as makes sure that you are always alert. Now imagine this game, but with online servers.


Now I did scour the internet for games like those that I mentioned. If you know of any that match these descriptions, please let me know in the comments below. Also if you have an amazing idea for a VR game that nobody else has thought of, also comment below. I would love to hear them, and so would everybody else.

Thanks for reading and if you can give the ol' video above a click, it really helps me out. Thanks again and......


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