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House of Cards just finished season 4 and has been met with great praise. I personally think it's the best season in the whole show! Kevin Spacey's acting was, as usual, spine-tingling. His presence on the show is incomparable, and you know its an iconic role in the making. As you may well know, Frank Underwood's health is not the best with Season 4 ending, and if Claire doesn't become president then we must find a new one (or end the show).

Below I have looked at 5 actors who I think would make great presidents House of Cards if the worst happened, and we did lose the great Frank Underwood:

1. John Travolta

If you were to show me this about a year ago, I'd have called you crazy. But since seeing Mr. Travolta in American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson earlier this year, I have the say, the guy can still act. He hasn't convinced me acting-wise for a long time prior to this show. His portrayal of Robert Shapiro in the hit HBO show was fantastic and I'd love to see more from him on TV!

How would he do as president? I could see him being quite ruthless, but can also imagine him being friendly on the outside. I'd love to see some crazy John Travolta as president.

2. Denzel Washington

Veteran actor Denzel Washington is next up on our list and as his surname suggests, he would be perfect for the job. Washington is a legendary actor with amazing credentials such as Training Day, American Gangster and Man on Fire behind him. I could see him being a good president brought down by a tragedy. Who else would like to see Denzel on the silver screen?

3. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is one of my favorite actors lately, mainly for his role in True Detective where he played the complex, Rust Cohle. Since then he's had great luck with roles, starring in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and the award winning Dallas Buyers Club for which he won an Academy Award.

I could totally buy McConaughey as a by-the-books president. Frank Underwood would hate this guy because how happy and successful he is. Much like Will Conway (played by Joel Kinnaman) in the latest season. The main difference would be that McConaughey wouldn't been power hungry, nor would he be so addicted to his online profile.

4. Bryan Cranston

Nobody can do range quite like Bryan Cranston. His revolutionary portrayal as Walter White in Breaking Bad changed how everybody in the world perceived this actor. We realized he's the real deal. I'd love to see him return to TV and more than anywhere, in the Oval Office.

The possibilities would be endless with Cranston as president. He could be; crazy, funny, evil or like a dictator, Cranston could pull off any of them! What do you think? Would you like Cranston as your next (TV) president?

5. Robin Wright

This is by far the most likely out of all the people on this list and that's not a bad thing. If Frank Underwood did die, it would make sense for the show to go down the route of Claire Underwood taking over. This is something I could totally see happening with the show, maybe even in the finale of the series. She would make a good president too I reckon. The clear choice? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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