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What might seem your traditional direct-to-video sports movie, could indeed be some kind of good entertainment that you'll actually enjoy.

Goon tells the story of Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott), a bouncer turned ice hockey enforcer, that now works in an environment where starting fights is sorta legal. Well, legal enough for him to help his team win!

Credit: Magnolia Pictures
Credit: Magnolia Pictures

By grabbing the most redundant thing about the sport, Goon is able to find comedy is something that doesn't seem funny at all. While it does take itself too seriously and sells the whole belief system of the gullible yet smart and strong young man, it's that lack of seriousness that the rest of the cast has that makes it, at time, hilarious to watch.

The movie also inserts a cute and idiotically adorable love story, featuring Allison Pill of Scott Pilgrim fame, that's where the whole feel good part comes in.

With a pretty decent appearance of Liev Schreiber as hockey's most badass enforcer that has a rival, every little move in this flick exciting to watch, making us feel we're watching some kind of R-rated Disney Channel TV movie.

Credit: Magnolia Pictures
Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Goon is far from being the perfect sports comedy, but it is entertaining as they come and that's OK in my book!


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