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It started when an alien device did what it did. And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid, now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid: he's Ben 10.

Oh yeah, I freaking love Ben 10. Originally created by Man of Action who also created Big Hero 6, Ben 10 told the story of a kid named Ben Tennyson having a normal summer vacation with his grandfather and cousin until he decided to investigate a meteor crash which lead to an alien watch known as the Omnitrix leaping onto and bonding with his wrist which can allow him to transform into ten different aliens with different powers, sizes, and even different alters to his personality. From then on Ben goes on many adventures fighting evil from Earth or space and he'll never stop 'til he makes them pay. The show was just a ton of fun combined a great story and set of characters, if you're ever bored and want to have some fun then I highly recommend it.

When that show ended in 2008, just a few weeks later a sequel series premiered which took place five years later following Ben, his cousin Gwen, and his old enemy, now friend Kevin E. Levin (not kidding) in a darker more epic story called Ben 10: Alien Force which was just as good or even better at times as its predecessor in my opinion. I did have a few flaws with this series but overall it was still a blast to watch and I recommend it to any fan of Ben 10.

In 2010, we skip ahead a year after Alien Force and this is when the showrunners realized that this franchise tends to sell toys so they decided to shove in a TON more aliens but they forgot that you need a good story to go along with it. I wasn't at all impressed by Ben 10: Ultimate Alien; it had some great ideas and concepts but the execution had a lot to be desired but that's just my opinion. So you could think the franchise would end there right?

Well much to my dismay, no. Currently we have the show known as Ben 10: Omniverse which (putting it nicely) SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! Its a non-canonical alternate timeline show. Terrible writing, god awful new animation, and just a lack of what made the original two shows so great to watch.

Now that we got that recap of the shows, let's move onto what this is about: Ben has had many alien forms over the years and I am here to countdown my personal favorites as well as some honorable mentions.

10. Upgrade (Galvanic Mechamorph)

A literal living computer and technopath, Upgrade can merge himself into anything metal, machine, or technology to manipulate and upgrade to his will. I love the not completely solid yet not completely liquid concept of Upgrade combined with his overall design plus the giant beam that comes out of his eye doesn't hurt.

9. Echo Echo (Sonorosian)

A being made up of pure sound contained inside a white suit, Echo Echo is probably one of the weirder aliens Ben has ever had with the ability to make giant destructive soundwaves, create clones of himself, echolocation, and some enhanced speed. At first I thought Echo Echo's design was too silly but it quickly grew on me.

8. Ripjaws (Piscciss Volan)

Ben's first ever water based alien, Ripjaws has great strength, agility, teeth that can rip through steel like butter, and a design that I absolutely love. Its like if you combined the Creature From the Black Lagoon with an angler fish then turned him into a superhero. Hmm...perhaps the new Universal Monster Cinematic Universe could get a few lessons from Man of Action?

7. Four Arms (Tetramand)

Imagine if Goro from Mortal Kombat was a hero and had red skin, that's the best way I can describe Four Arms. A simple design but it became iconic as one of Ben's most used alien forms from the original series.

6. Chromastone (Crystalsapien)

Strength, flight, force field, energy beams, energy absorbtion and redirection, immunity, can survive in space, agility, Chromastone has them all. Chromastone is probably one of Ben's most powerful forms; his design is not that impressive since it looks like a purple version of another of Ben's forms from the past but its still a very cool alien.

5. Big Chill (Necrofriggian)

I'm always a fan of ice powers, it has always fascinated me and Big Chill is one of the COOLEST examples of that. Eh? Eh?

....Okay no more of those. Big Chill is probably one of the creepier looking aliens; I mean if I was a bad guy and I saw this thing flying at me, I'd probably just surrender right there. His powers are actually very neat as well: invisibility, immune to both extreme cold and heat, intangibility, frost breath, etc.

4. Heatblast (Pyronite)

In terms of design, Heatblast (the first alien Ben ever transformed into) is probably my favorite: a humanoid being made of lava and and fire. Pretty amazing actually. Fire manipulation, the ability to fly on a rock like a hoverboard, and much more. Generic fire powers really but the design more than makes up for it along with Steve Blum doing...well every voice he ever does.

3. XLR8 (Kineceleran)

Another powerset that I've always loved: super speed. The Flash, Quicksilver, Superman, Dash Incredible, etc. Speedsters have always just been a cool concept to me and XLR8 is definitely one of the better ones in my book. His super speed combined with his incredibly original and fascinating design make for him being one of the best aliens from the show.

2. Swampfire (Methanosian)

The one alien that I was expecting to hate but ended up loving, Swampfire excels with both a brilliant powerset and design: this guy has the perfect combination of fire powers similar to Heatblast, plant powers consisting of elasticity, gas projection, regeneration, chlorokinesis (gas control), and more. I loved this form and I absolutely hate what they did to him in Omniverse.


Humungousaur, Wildvine, Spidermonkey, Goop, Wilfmutt, Stinkfly, Gray Matter, Cannonbolt, Jetray, Alien X, Way Big, and Braintstorm.

1. Diamondhead (Petrosapien)

Chromastone may have been an amazing alien but Diamondhead makes him look like nothing in comparison: another crystalline humanoid but this one can form his limps into weapons, can fire crystal projectiles, has massive strength, and overall has a design that I instantly adored as a kid and from then on, he became the go to alien from the franchise for me.

So those are my picks for the best alien forms from the Ben 10 universe, what were your favorites? Let me know in the comments down below!


Which was your favorite Ben 10 series?


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