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It should come as no surprise to you by now, but Marvel's 'The Inhumans' no longer has a release date. After suffering the dreaded push back (more than once) it was removed from the lineup all together. Marvel's track record with films since the first Iron Man is unmatched. That reason alone is what drew up some flags for me when I learned that The Inhumans had been removed from their lineup. What could have possibly made them completely move this movie from their roster, and why?

Trick question, because it doesn't really matter. Being such a huge comic book lover, I was actually extremely excited to see The Inhumans. The characters alone would add some much needed scope to the MCU. Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor have handled the space aspect of the MCU extremely well, but The Inhumans would expand the universe even further (pun intended). One could argue that the concept of inhumans has been introduced already in Agents of SHIELD, but the television shows just can't capture that grand presentation of it all. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are excellent, but that's not the point.

We shouldn't worry about The Inhumans because we have so many other great films to come. Spider-man : Homecoming, Captain Marvel, Guardians 2, Doctor Strange, Black Panther...need I continue? Given the upcoming events (Thanos coming soon) I personally believe that Marvel needs to capitalize on the heroes they've introduced, while also bringing in fresh faces to join Infinity War Part 1 & 2. So we're looking at a solo Spider-man, a solo Black Panther, and Doctor Strange all before Infinity War hits. It's not many new faces but these are probably going to be the characters that make up the new avengers team in the next phase. Plus after that we've got our Ant-Man sequel (which I am very excited for), and Captain Marvel, both to come between Infinity War installments. That's if the current release schedule remains the same.

So even if The Inhumans doesn't get a slot within the upcoming phase at all, we're looking at a very good Avengers team after the current team has to be replaced. All the heroes we're going to see in the upcoming years should be enough to keep us more than busy. Not to mention, it's a fairly unknown property to anyone who isn't an actual comic book fan, The Inhumans aren't a group of characters you'd casually come across. It's a pretty huge leap for Marvel to put any bets on that being a success, if nobody is familiar with them, who'd pay to see them in action? Sure, Guardians was fairly unknown as well, but it's not as far fetched of an idea. Besides, who can hate on the Awesome Mix? Not to mention the talent director James Gunn, the beautiful face of Chris Pratt (I mean Zoe Saldana >.>) Basically, there was a lot going for this film that drew people in to see it.

Okay enough 'bad', here's some 'good'. Or at the very least, a hopeful theory.

Marvel can continue to use Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD, to help add more depth to the concept. Fans will become familiar with them, we'll want to see more of them. This could ease the transition to the big screen, maybe in the future Marvel will get the rights to Skrulls back? There's no telling where Marvel is going to take their cinematic universe but at least we know they have options. I can be a bit biased towards Marvel's cinematic universe because there isn't a single film in the MCU that I don't love. Well, maybe Thor : The Dark World but that's an entire article on it's own. So with that being said, I really don't think we have to worry about The Inhumans losing it's spot in the schedule, because there honestly wasn't too much riding for it to begin with. I'd still love to see it, and I have plenty of ideas as to who should be cast in the film, but we really don't need it. Marvel hasn't missed a step yet and the dedicated fans will come to understand why it was pushed out.

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