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There have been rumors on whether Giant-Man will make his debut, ever since Ant-Man was placed in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). A selected group has already seen the movie. And now that the movie is due to hit in two weeks, there are rumors circling on whether Ant-Man will make his debut transformation into Giant-Man here.

Here's my guess that he will. Sometime ago, Marvel/Disney released images of their toy line. First example being, the Pop! toy.

Their inclusion of him in their products only indicates them endorsing the character. You can say it's even a hint. Then there was the Legends toy-line where individual parts of the Giant-Man toy were placed inside multiple characters' boxes.

All connecting to build the figurine below.

These are the first guesses. The second coming guesses will be based on the image above of Black Panther and Giant-Man, together. And the one below of Giant-Man and War-Machine battling.

This image shows the toys fighting at the airport scene. In this scene, Giant-Man is fighting War-Machine. There's also a scene in the trailer where War-Machine is pointing upwards, before firing off what appears to be missiles and bullets. Also saying, "Things just got complicated."

Then this followed.

Here, we see a large bus being thrown at Black Panther. Vision does land to stop it, but what could have thrown something this large? Captain America and Winter Soldier, both have incredible strength. Captain America was even able to keep a helicopter from flying off, but the momentum behind this bus shows how hard it was thrown. No way the super soldiers could have done this. It also leads back to the image of Black Panther and Giant-Man toys above. Maybe they both battle at one point. Which leads to Vision stepping in. He is somewhat the counter-part for Scarlett Witch. Giant-Man would make another.

Now, these are possible spoilers from commenters.

Of course, take these as you choose. I say he will appear. But we won't know until May 6th, when Captain America: Civil War enters theaters.


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