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Basically League But Way Harder...Right?

Honestly, I will say yes and no, but If you have never played a M.O.B.A (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) before then you are in for one hell of a tough ride. I'll try to give you all some beginner tips to make the transition into Dota 2 not as painful for M.O.B.A veterans and newbies alike. If you still don't know exactly what a M.O.B.A is then watch the example clip below.

For Starters, The Community

As with a lot of online games, you will find trolls, toxicity, homophobia, racism, and a whole lot of deliberate team sabotage. Of course not every game will be like this, but you need to be prepared for the worst. There will be times when you meet wonderful people and make a ton of good friends, but there will be times you will make enemies and feel like giving the game up because of some awful people. Just remember that just because some people are immature and rude, that doesn't mean they have to ruin your gaming experience. Don't give up!

Actually Play The Tutorial

I can't stress enough how important the tutorial is. You will learn how to play a few characters, how to move around the map, use abilities, how lanes work, and all the simple functions. You need to know how to do these basic functions before anything else.

Start With The Bots

After you take care of the tutorial and you know what the end goal of every match is supposed to be then you need to move on to bots. Bots are just computer players that you go against with different difficulty modes. This will get you a lot more familiarized with the basic mechanics of the game, and you might even get to play, potentially, with some seasoned veterans. Don't be afraid to ask questions because most people are understanding when you are in a bot match.

Get Familiarized with the items

Items are one of the most important parts of most M.O.B.A. games. In games like League of Legends and Dota 2, there are items you buy in game for your hero. This is how you power yourself up and make yourself bigger and badder than the opposite team. You need to know what items allow you to do more damage and take more damage.

Watch Videos And Read Forums

There's no better way to learn than to watch other players, and to be able to ask them questions in the forums. The community is ridiculously large and more often than not are willing to help a newbie out. Just don't be afraid to ask questions because that's one of the greatest ways to learn new things.

In Conclusion

There are many different ways to learn how to play Dota 2, and the biggest is just getting out there and trying. There will be struggles, and it is not going to be easy (trust me I know from experience), but you can't give up. You just got to keep pushing through until you can hold your own against real players. With that in mind, good luck and have fun.


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