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Here's an interesting little piece of information that I've just discovered about Ezekiel, the soon-to-appear character on The Walking Dead.

At least, I think I discovered it. It didn't pop up on any Google searches, so I'm claiming it like a handfull of radishes.

It has to do with Ezekiel, the ex-zookeeper who runs The Kingdom in The Walking Dead comics. And since the casting call apparently is out for an Ezekiel-esque character, it looks like he's coming to the show, too! Tiger and all.

Did you ever wonder why the comic book writers chose Ezekiel?


Well, shoot. Neither did I. Until a few minutes ago!

In the Bible (the book of Ezekiel, to be exact), there's a part in chapter 37 where God and Ezekiel are hanging out in a valley full of human bones.

Don't ask, because I really don't know the answer to that question.

God commanded Ezekiel to speak to the bones, to breathe life into them, attach tendons and flesh to them, and bring them to life.

Sounding familiar?

Ezekiel did as he was told, and soon he had a vast army of the undead standing before him.

So there you have it! Zombies in the bible!

It's something that was already alluded to by the verses in Gabriel's church:

Was it a coincidence that there's a guy named Ezekiel in a show about zombies?

Sorry, too soon?


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