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Well, episode 40 of Dragon Ball Super was quite decent. I enjoyed it. The last episode was totally badass and filled with classic Dragon Ball Z-style fighting action, while this episode kind of had some balance between action and events. In short it was very eventful and left a lot of things to look forward to for the forthcoming episodes.


Spoiler Alert!

Well, basically Hit dodged Goku’s kamehameha with which Goku was preparing to take out Hit. Then as he Goku was using Kaio-ken over his Super saiyan blue form his body kept getting weaker with time. However, Goku in the middle of the match proposed to change the rules to allow killing proving once again that he valued the fight more than actually winning the tournament. Hit also didn’t seem to want to finish Goku off right away. You know the thing between Goku and Hit looks really cool to me. They both love to fight than to win. Though previously it looked like all Hit cares about is winning the Cube. But it looks Goku influenced his philosophy quite a bit. Like, Hit allowed Goku to power up instead of finishing him earlier because Goku actually made him improve. So both of them have this true to fighting mentality and this is exclusive. And I am pretty sure this isn’t the last of Hit in super he is going to be around for a while. They will fight again sometimes soon and he will end up becoming a major character. So all these rule changing and those not taking the tournament seriously created frustration among Beerus and Champa. Surprisingly Goku did something almost none of us saw coming. He forfeited the match and walked out of the stage making Hit officially the winner of that match. Firstly, Goku’s body was all messed up with that Kaio-ken we could see that just after the match ended how Goku was struggling in pain. Also I think Beerus and Champa continuously fighting also had an impact on his decision. Maybe he thought it’s not worth going all out for this. And both of them were so weak and the fight was kind of getting off. So walking out wasn’t really that much of an out of character thing for Goku. Besides Monaka was left so Goku might have wanted to see him in action too. Moreover, when Goku and Hit was fighting Champa was so pissed that he was about to attack which would probably end up killing Cabe. So here’s this part that surprised me. Champa is preparing an attack and then we see the eyes of Goku and Hit looking towards him and he suddenly backs up and fall. What happened there! Did they just stop the god of destruction like a joke? Or was it Vados? Ok that is something I didn’t get. Anyway the point I am trying to make is this is going against the morals of Goku. They are fighting for people who are threating to kill their own fighters. So this is not how Goku deals not even for the gods. So I am thinking this made Goku realize that these gods are taking this tournament way seriously. So he just walks out and mocks the concept. And Goku really influenced Hit very deeply so this thing also starts growing in Hit.

However, we saw Hit being very surprised at him and he didn’t quite like the idea of Goku walking out without finishing the match. In a long time this was something that made him fight seriously and he was expecting to win clearly. And it looked Hit was trying to figure out the motive behind Goku forfeiting.

So, the next fighter Monaka nervously jumps into the match. It was funny the way he fell in the ground. It was no surprise because they idiotically revealed earlier that Monaka isn’t really strong. If they didn’t it would be yet another big twist after Frost being evil. So we all expect Monaka to loss. But he pulls of a Mr. Satan and Hit pulls of an android 18. So you know what I mean. Monaka lands a weak punch and Hit flies away and falls on the ground. And this is at this point I realize Goku has made a permanent impact on Hit just like he made it on Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta and many others. It also looks like Hit shares similar mentality to that of Goku. Like Fighting is truth, fighting is love to him. And he didn’t really want to win a tournament like this. And going back to my head canon Hit also realized the motive behind Goku quitting the match that is to make Beerus-Champa realize no matter who you are you can’t always have things go the way you want. These 2 guys totally made the tournament a joke contradicting what they were told to do from their team. Fight wise I think they didn’t show a Goku vs Hit all out match that is both giving everything has because they are saving it for another occasion. I am almost sure that’s gonna happen soon.

So now since U6 last Champa is super pissed off and tries to kill his own fighters. Every fighter of U6 including Hit looks terrified. Goku is confused as to what he should do. He asks Beerus to help them but he refuses and says it’s his universe whatever he wants to do.

At that moment, someone walks in that makes Champa stop. Yes the lord of the 12 universes Is finally here. Now we have higher ranked god. Beerus and Champa looked absolutely terrified at his sight. While Whis and Vados are comparatively composed! His character design is simple and its assumable that he is even powerful than the current gods since he rules all 12 universes!

And from the trailer of episode 41, we know that in next episode they will use the super dragon balls to summon the Dragon God Zarama. We get the first look to this golden Dragon and it looks pretty cool.

What's your take on all this? How did you like the episode?

Comment your opinion down bellow.


Dragon God Zarama- Dragon Ball Super
Dragon God Zarama- Dragon Ball Super

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