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Last week, we lost another musical icon, Prince. To honor his memory, AMC brought back the classic 1984 film Purple Rain to theaters this past weekend. The film starred Prince as the main character, The Kid. Here are ten intriguing facts about the film:

1. Based On...

Purple Rain's loosely based on Prince's own life.

2. Original Title

The first draft of the film was written by executive producer of the TV series Fame, William Blinn and was titled "Dreams." Prince didn't like the story and wanted the word 'purple' to be included in the title.

3. Recorded Live

The majority of the music featured in the film was recorded live.

4. Box Office Gold

The film only cost 7 million to make and made $68,392,977 at the box office. This is amazing considering that the studio-Warner Bros.-initially believed that the film was going to be a dud.

5. Love Interest

Originally, Prince's protégée Vanity was supposed to play the Kid's love interest, but she left Prince right before filming began. Jennifer Beals also turned down the role, and it finally went to actress Apollonia Kotero. As a result the script was changed so that the girl group was called "Apollonia 6" instead of "Vanity 6."

6. The Purple Notebook

During the 1999 tour, Prince carried with him a big purple notebook that contained sketches, notes, and ideas for the film's script. I wonder where the notebook is now..

7. So Many Songs...

Purple Rain's director Albert Magnoli has stated that Prince had about 100 songs for the film for him to choose from, and three that made the cut-'When Doves Cry,' 'Purple Rain,' and 'Take Me With You' weren't even on the original list.

8. A Secret Couple

Two members of Prince's band Revolution-guitarist Wendy Melvoin and keyboardist Lisa Coleman-were in a relationship but kept it private. They even stayed together for 20 years. Apparently there were scenes of them kissing that were deleted from the final version.

9. The Sex Scene

In the film there's a scene where the Kid and Apollonia have sex in his bedroom. There were three versions of the scene shot in accordance to the different MPAA ratings, the R-rated version was kept in.

10. The Kid's Father's Fate

In the film's script, the Kid's father was supposed to die via a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, however, at the last minute the director and the producers decided to let him live.

And those are the facts, ladies and gentlemen! Learning about how the film came together and what went on behind the scenes, makes me appreciate Purple Rain and Prince even more. If you haven't seen the film, head to your local theater, or find it on DVD to watch.

R.I.P. Prince, thanks for the memories...


Which of the ten intrigued you the most?



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