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As we say goodbye to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, rest assured that not only does he live on through his music, but that the jazzy-suited singer had many a memorable cameo in his 57 years. From New Girl to Muppets Tonight, Prince Rogers Nelson had a pretty good hand in pop culture. I mean where would the Batman soundtrack be without "Partyman"?

However, who remembers a brief appearance of Prince in the 1993 episode of screwball Warner Bros. animation, Animaniacs? If you were young at the time, you may not have noticed a rather risqué reference in the episode "Hercule Yakko".

Parodying Agatha Christie's Poirot, the character Dot is instructed to dust a crime scene for prints as follows:

Yakko: Number one sister, dust for prints...
Dot: I found Prince! [she's shown carrying Prince)
Yakko: No no no, fingerprints.
[Dot looks at Prince, who smiles suggestively)
Dot: I don't think so!

For those of you who think it is just innocent fun...think again. Tom Ruegger, creator of Animaniacs, has already addressed the issue:

It was funny in the board so we let it go to animation, then when it came back, the footage made us laugh so hard that we kept it in, and then when no one objected, it went on the air. Yikes!

It was an odd decade and '90s cartoons were littered with 'adult' references, *cough* Disney *cough*, but Animaniacs really took the biscuit with this one. Either way, it is a fitting tribute, so long live Prince!


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