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Star Lord or Peter Jason Quill first appeared in Marvel Preview #4 in 1976. I am explaining the very first story line from the comic named above. Peter's mother had rescued a mysterious man from a space craft that crashed close to her house.

After rescuing him they had Peter Quill, but while she was pregnant Peter's father was called back to his home planet because there was a war breaking out.

He later called for peter via his nephew, but his nephew was working for the enemy and he sent aliens to kill them, peter's mother was killed but he got away only to later be called upon to become 'Star Lord'

Now onto why the Guardians of the Galaxy hero is a badass...

1.His quad blaster

The quad blaster is Peter's main weapon. It has a lethal shot; a blast from the upper barrel that can kill pretty much any hostiles, might take more then one shot to kill enhanced being's; Electric shot fired from lower barrel, an electric beam to stun or electrocute targets, knocking them unconscious, some can better withstand the electric beam; Duel shot, the weapon can fire both barrels and give a greater effect to incapacitate targets and kill them, most effective against superior/enhanced beings.

2. He has defeated Ronan

If you have seen the movie or read the comics you know that Star Lord and the rest of the guardians have defeated Ronan, one of the most fierce and deadly enemies to the Nova Corps.

3. Peter has fought Tanos

Along with defeating Ronan the accuser Star Lord has also fought against the dreaded Thanos.

4. His Rocket Boots!

Along with his kick ass helmet and even cooler quad blaster he is equipped with rocket boots! The rocket boots and helmet allow him to fly in space for short periods of time

5. His taste in music

I know what you are thinking...."Taste in music? are you stupid?" come on his taste in music is what makes him such a badass hero, he'll kick your ass and listen to blue swede on his walk man while he does it...

So defender of the galaxy, he has fought Ronan the Accuser and Thanos, he's got the extremely cool quad blaster and rocket boots and he'll kick your ass while listening to Blue not all of the reasons were from the comics but for those five reasons i think he is a total badass. -Jered Bartholomew


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