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In the latest episode of Flash on April 19th, viewers were left with Barry Allen losing his powers and Caitlin Snow kidnapped by an even faster Zoom. Which also left them with questions regarding how the Flash will get his powers back to save Caitlin.

As this isn't the first time that Barry Allen has lost his powers and screenwriters of the Flash most likely read up on comics, the Flash will probably get his powers back the same way as he did in the comics. This means Barry would get himself electrocuted and with chemicals , again.

"Flashpoint ; Issue 2"
"Flashpoint ; Issue 2"

This is where the part of Wally becoming the Kid Flash comes. Since in the comics, Wally West got his powers when he went to Barry Allen's lab where he got electrocuted and dosed in chemicals, the screen writers would most likely do the same to him in the TV Shows. So if the producers and directors want the origin of Kid Flash to be like the comics then they most likely want a plot convenient way to do it.

Since the episode ended with Barry without his speed and Wally mostly likely confused or guilty after being rescued by the Flash, now is the perfect time to make Wally in the Kid Flash.

As he was saved in a room full of his family by the Flash, he must have a lot of questions for Detective Joe or/and feel extremely guilty for making the Flash lose his powers. As the season's theme is family and Joe probably doesn't want his son to beat himself over for it, he would probably reveal the Flash's secret identity to his son. But if Joe does in fact reveal his identity then Wally may try to find Barry to apologize to him. Since Barry might be trying to get his powers back at his lab as he's a normal person now, Wally may walk in during one of Barry's attempts of getting his powers which can result in Barry and Wally turning into speedsters. With both of them as speedster, they can beat Zoom together(which works with the season's theme).

Just a thought of what might happen. What do you think?


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