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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, the newest theatrical release from the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z, is one film that fans of the series must watch. Once again Goku is called to defend the Earth. However, Goku’s enemy this time is an old foe risen from the grave, Frieza. Can Goku defeat an evil resurrected? With a returning voice acting cast from Battle Of Gods, Akira Toriyama’s own personal supervision and a talented animation crew, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ does justice in delivering fast paced action. What fan doesn’t want to see Goku beat up on an evil villain? However,while scenes with action excel, the scenes where no action takes place are lackluster.

Resurrection ‘F’ picks up a few months after the events from Battle Of Gods, where the Earth is found safe after Lord Beerus decides to spare the Earth from destruction. But typical of the series, there is always a calm before the storm. The remnants of Frieza’s army enact their plan to resurrect Frieza using the power of the Dragon Balls. With their plan a success, Frieza plots to take his revenge against Goku and his friends.

The animation for the film was well done and had an attention to detail.The animation style shown is better than what normal television cartoons show. When it came to the animation, Toei Animation Studio was chosen for their past work on previous films for the Dragon Ball Z series. Detail was put extensively on body and facial features of each character. Scars and battle wounds received from fights didn’t disappear but were held constant throughout. In addition, Toei Animation used CGI during some of the most intense fight scenes. The purpose of the CGI was to highlight each punch and kick thrown, instead of the usual blurred lines that convey intense movement.

Along with great animation, the English voice acting in Resurrection ‘F’ should be praised. Resurrection ‘F’ has the returning english voice cast of 2014’s Battle Of Gods with the addition of Christopher Ayres being cast as the voice of Frieza. While the entire voice cast’s performance was phenomenal, special praise should be given to Ayres. Being called to play one of the most notorious villains of Dragon Ball Z must bring with it extreme pressure, but Ayres delivers in his performance of Frieza.

Despite having great action and voice acting, there’s a lack of tension during any scenes that didn’t involve any fighting. It seems like the dialogue between characters was more light-hearted than anything serious. There are only a handful of times outside of any physical conflict, where any real tension is felt. The entire film just seems focussed on fighting. In other words, Resurrection ‘F’ seems to made as a fan service for those that just enjoy fight sequences.

It may be appealing to fans to watch Goku battle it out once again against Frieza, but Resurrection ‘F’ lacks any meaningful punch once the dust settles. For all intents and purposes the fighting and action is some of the best to come from the Dragon Ball Z series. It should be on any fans must watch list. At the same time though, Resurrection ‘F’ doesn’t seem to lead the series as a whole in any direction. I wonder what it is that Toriyama has planned for Dragon Ball. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I hope Dragon Ball doesn't fall flat.


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