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“Every Character is the Hero of his/her own story”. This is truly the secret to writing a full on character. From Tolkien’s books to Jackson’s movies, the Lord of the Rings trilogy has the creation of genius characters mastered.

Even if they have limited screen time, almost every character has a reason to be fighting, a struggle within themselves, something that we can relate to or cheer for. However, due to the recent battles in women's rights, much has been brought to the surface regarding the female characters of Lord of the Rings and their lack of importance to the plot.

From what I’ve studied we have what is essentially an elven goddess who could take over the entirety of middle-earth if she was given the ring created for Sauron, a warrior maiden in the middle of battle who is capable of taking down a nazgul and a witch king all on her own, and an elf who not only contributes largely to the story but saves the plotline by rescuing the main protagonist.

There is no way The Lord of the Rings isn’t heavily influenced by its female characters. Plus, the development of each of them are all well thought out. Each one was created with a past, each one was given certain abilities that no one else in the movies has, each of them has their own inner struggle whether it be the drive to go in battle, or to stay true to your people.

All of the characters are created with their own faults, some have drives that cause them to do things that stray from tradition, others are just created with the flaws that eventually lead them to their own doom, some are created with entirely too much power. It’s entirely impossible to claim that a majority of the characters are two-dimensional when each one was thought out through and thoroughly, and every character is important to the plot.

Galadriel is important to the creation and world-state that we are introduced to in Lord of the Rings, Eowyn helps to protect a king and save our side of the war in The Return of the King, and our storyline couldn’t be made possible without the likes of Arwen. So how do we stop seeing specific characters as two-dimensional, and not important to the story? You study in on them as a singular character, because each one is fighting a struggle and has their own importance within the story. This exploration of character is what makes The Lord of the Rings outstanding.


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