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There is nothing better than discovering that your favorite actor or actress on the CW can do more than just act. It's crazy when you find out that someone who plays your favorite character onscreen has a whole other talent off camera that you probably didn't know about. I've realized that the one talent many stars share that we don't hear too much about is their ability to sing.

So, let's check out some of these stars on a whole different stage and HEAR them belt out a tune!

JENSEN ACKLES - Supernatural

Dean can sing!
Dean can sing!

Okay, it's one thing to play one of the greatest CW characters to have ever been created in arguably the best show on the network, but it's another thing when you can sing! Jensen Ackles is not shy when it comes to getting on stage and grabbing the guitar! Check him out doing something OTHER than hunting demons.


Everyone knows him as the fastest man alive, but before Grant Gustin donned the red suit of the legendary DC superhero, he had his dancing shoes on as Sebastian Smythe on GLEE. The reason he landed the role in the first place was because Grant really does have moves like Jagger!


Yep, we will never forget our good buddy Cisco Ramon throwing his hair around while dancing with Caitlin Snow, but here's something you didn't know: Carlos Valdes really can sing! No, I mean REALLY sing!

CANDICE ACCOLA- The Vampire Diaries

She plays Stefan Salvatore's love, the vampire Caroline, the high school sweetheart turned bloodsucker from Mystic Falls. Yet, Candice Accola can do a little more than just act, and since the Vampire Diaries is going to end next year, she is qualified for something musical on Broadway!

KAT GRAHAM -The Vampire Diaries

Candice isn't the only one on The Vampire Diaries that can sing! Kat Graham not only plays Bonnie Bennett, witch extraordinaire, but she is a real, honest to god pop singer! She even has her own VEVO channel!


She plays Liv Moore, the most famous zombie NOT on that AMC show, but did you know that she can sing? Well, if you've seen iZombie, then you have an idea. Who knows, maybe Rose McIver will branch out into music one day.

Yep, sometimes there is more to your favorite CW star than meets the eye. They can sing, they can dance, and they can ACT! Till next time folks!

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