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One possibility for the future is me doing these "Opinion" articles where I talk about a topic and I give my opinion on it, that kind of stuff. And I'd try to incorporate comedy into the articles the same way I did with the Hoverboard article I wrote about a week ago.

I've recently been trying to broaden my horizons a little bit, as you might have seen with my two NBA theory articles and overall, finding new stuff about strictly Pixar, Harry Potter, and Back to the Future. But anyway, today's topic will be about Toy Story 4, which is one sequel too many, in my opinion. Here's why:

1. It's too much

This Toy Story stuff has been awesome since 1995. It was awesome in 1995, 1999, and they even managed to pull off a third movie in 2010 and that got AWESOME reviews. And you know, the third movie ended perfectly with Andy growing up and going to college and having to leave his toys behind.

*sniffles* Don't cry. You have too much dignity.
*sniffles* Don't cry. You have too much dignity.

Hey. Hey, who left this bowl of onions here?! Stop it. Go bother Squidward for a while.

Now we know why it's there.
Now we know why it's there.

And Pixar followed that with those half-hour ABC short films. But to think that there's going to be a full-length movie following Bonnie? That's not going to sweeten the Toy Story cup of tea.

...what does that mean?

2. 4?

For the same reasons why there won't be a Back to the Future Part IV, I don't think there should be a Toy Story 4. 4 is a boring number. Chances are, this movie is going to bomb.

And if Toy Story 4 sucks, they're not going to make a fifth one. And to end a series at four? Three is a good, round number. Four has the sharp edges.

Me: Hey, daddy! Look! I made a joke no one has come up with yet! Get it? Three is a nice, round number and it actually is round? Ha-ha!

Dad: Silence! I keel you!

3. It Exists

...what? Do I need to say more?

And that's it!


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