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House of Cards and easter eggs are very seldom in the same sentence, so maybe that's what made you intrigued to see this article. While watching the last episode of House of Cards (no spoilers here) I noticed what appeared to be a nod to a very popular Oscar-winning film..

Yes the movie I suspect the easter-egg to be from is Clint Eastwood's, American Sniper. Before I say anymore, check out the easter-egg itself below.

This image of an American sniper, looking very reminiscent of Chris Kyle's character in American Sniper is all too accurate to be just a coincidence. Check out a picture from American Sniper below that looks very similar!

Sniper? Check. Cap put backwards? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Everything seems to be in order for a nice classy nod to the American hero who is Chris Kyle! Very nice touch by the House of Cards team!

What do you think guys? Would you like to see more House of Cards easter-eggs? Let me know in the comments below!


Do you think it was a nod to Chris Kyle?


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