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And that thing is...

You thought wrong!

Just kidding.

awkward chuckle
awkward chuckle

*Walking Dead spoiler alerts!*

Back in November, Scott Gimple promised some “hard left turns” from the comics.
Here's what he told Entertainment Weekly:

For people who aren’t familiar with [the Saviors], I don’t want to say much. Though I do believe you should read the comics, if you haven’t yet you’re going to — I hope — have some exciting and fun discovery as the layers are peeled away on that mystery. And if you have read the comics, there are a lot of moments directly out of the book when it comes to the Saviors. And then some really cool expansions of the comic story. And some hard left turns from the comic story that do eventually wind up with a lot of very familiar small scenes from the book and big scenes from the book.

A lot of people figured that meant the Glenn/Lucille love scene, but he wasn't being too specific. Seeing how he changed up the arrow-to-the-eye scene, switching Abraham out with Denise, could that be the hard left turn Gimple spoke of?


But maybe not! Why? Because this is The Walking Dead, and that's pretty much how it works.

But this is the one thing to remember; if that surprise scene is yet to come, then we're going to have one hell of a surprise in store for us come October.

All the signs have been pointing to Glenn's demise, no matter how you twist it.

Allanah “She IS The Walking Dead!” Faherty has put all the theories floating around on the interwebs together for us to see, and man, it doesn't look good at all for the Chinese kid.


Plus, there's that little two-rock theory floating around, too.

The hard left turn could mean one huge thing: two people could die. And one of them is Glenn.

Why would Negan kill two people? Because of this line:

If anyone yells, cut out the kid's other eye and feed it to his father.

And whose death would make Glenn go apeshit? Probably a few of them, but most definitely Maggie.

You want a hard left turn? Taking two (possibly three, including Glenn, Jr. if it's Maggie) lives instead of one would make quite a few people flip out. And that's something that would most definitely make cast members sick to their stomach, make them cry, leave them speechless, and make them late for work the next day, don't ya think?


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