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Girls is a show about girls, girls who live in New York, girls who sort of work but not really proper jobs, girls who don’t really seem like they’d be friends in real life and girls who have male chums, just girls and stuff.

There are spoilers for season 5 of Girls in this review.

So… Hannah Horvath must be the most poorly written character on television, in fact Girls must be one of the most poorly written television shows which portrays itself as high quality currently on television, to put it frankly Girls is shit and to be honest has been on a fairly slippery shit slope since the first season.

That’s not to say that this isn’t one of the better seasons they’ve put out, because it is, however it falls into the same traps that every season of Girls has fallen into, decent start before totally shitting the bed by the last few episodes. It is as if they have one idea when they start filming the season but by the end someone has come up with another idea and they can’t be arsed refilming any of the stuff they’ve already made, it’s a total mess.

Pretty much all the main characters are awful, Hannah naturally being the worst of a terrible bunch. There are so many problems with Hannah the character and Lena Dunham as a writer. The biggest complaint I can have of Dunham is that she spends too much time reading her press clippings and then trying to respond to them and her own insecurities through the show. What really bothers me is how she thinks that she is the voice of a generation, but in truth it’s just the same old shit.

Hannah is probably the worst character on TV in my opinion. Are you really telling me that I am meant to like and have sympathy for this character, is that really what they were going for? Wow…talk about missing your mark. They’ve made a character so unlikeable, so selfish and so annoying, yet all of this was totally against what they were actually aiming for, quite remarkable really.

Usually even if a character is annoying and selfish, they will still have redeeming qualities, sadly for Hannah that isn’t the case. Moments like when she’s a bitch to Jessa at the rice pudding place for no reason, flashing the principal and seeing no problem with it despite making a big deal of Fran’s naked phone pics and probably worst of all, the entire weird campervan episode.

I’m not saying that Fran was a great guy and yeah he was pretty condescending, however what the fuck was that campervan episode all about? She runs away from him, then gets Ray to pick her up, only to sexually assault him and make him crash his van and then ditches him despite being at fault because she is such a horrible human being. Ray, the guy who went out his way to pick her up from the wilderness after her odd behaviour, is then ditched after she played a massive part in crashing his new van… This is the sort of problem I have with this character, you have to wonder why she has any friends at all.

I know why she does it; however why does Lena Dunham want to show us her body all the time. This isn’t fat shaming, this is me calling out a writer who puts needless nudity and unflattering clothes into situations which don’t require them, only so she can rile up people who are either prudes or think she is gross. I have no issues with her showing off her physique, but when you use it so often it lessens the impact and so often it was totally unnecessary and is another example of her reading too many press clippings. Maybe if she spent less time googling herself and more time working on her writing skills she would produce a better show.

One of the worst things in the season, quite a feat
One of the worst things in the season, quite a feat

The other main characters are just as bad, Jessa got stuck with Adam in a we don’t have anything for you story which did very little different from what we’ve seen before, Shoshanna was barely in this season but in the end somehow transforms a coffee shop in a day by making it anti-hipster and Elijah who is usually always pretty great was stuck in a nothing relationship which totally neutered his character.

Of course I shouldn’t forget Marnie who much like Hannah is a detestable character. She married Desi in the first episode despite everyone thinking it was a terrible idea, another example of the show conveniently forgetting things which happened at the end of last season (he ditched her at some concert thing). We then have Marnie run into Charlie from the first couple of seasons, who has somehow become a penniless junkie, in a classic Girls episode where they think this person is really cool but as the episode progresses they find out that their life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Sound familiar? Well it’s because they do the exact same story thread consistently on this show and even did it in the second last episode with Hannah’s writing buddy. In the end she ended up with Ray, in the relationship nobody thought was realistic, and made the entire season about how Marnie settled.

I like Ray and I like Hannah’s parents, however in a character driven show it just isn’t good enough. The four main characters are deplorable, even Jessa took a massive step backwards this season, they managed to make Adam and Elijah suck this season and only really Ray has been a consistent main character throughout the show.

Girls is one of those types of show which thinks that it is really highbrow and clever, with witty dialogue, intriguing story arcs and troubled but great characters, when in reality it is a shallow pretentious type of show which is very poorly written and incredibly inconsistent.

Don’t get me wrong, the title of this review is ‘From a Guys Perspective’ and I know that I am not the target audience for this type of show and maybe if I was a female I would look on it more kindly, however good TV is good TV and this is anything but good TV. If the critics hadn’t so firmly jumped on this shows dick after the first season, nobody would be talking about it as if it were anything.

People got caught up in the hype and don’t know how to get off because it’s also HBO, and I love HBO but how Girls has been given a sixth (and final) season is beyond me. The ratings are shit and the quality has been very low brow for years. A show which has to rely on nothing controversies rather than actually managing to produce a competent and well written season. A show so firmly up its own arse, that it has forgotten what made it worthwhile in the first place.

So what did you think of Girls season 5? Are you wondering if it is still a comedy? Should Lena Dunham buy a wardrobe which actually fits her? Will the series end with everyone living happily ever after and Hannah becoming a super successful writer? Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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