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Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and even Jaws have one thing in common. The amazing music by composer John Williams. Each movie is different in every way; a galactic war in outer space, a history professor looking for rare artifacts, the “boy who lived” needing to save the wizard world from “he who must not be named”, and a very, very big shark that practically eats an entire town…So why is John Williams music so memorable? Most of us know his music and can sing along. It’s because his music has its own unique qualities, can pull at your heartstrings, and even make you feel deep emotion.

Like each movie, it’s music has its own unique qualities. John Williams is the Michael Phelps in the movie music world. He can get people to dive into the depths of the waters of music and engulf us into every emotion of each scene. Each song has its own place in each movie. Darth Vader has his own Imperial March, even Harry Potter’s owl has his own song. We know who is in that very scene, or in what scene the characters are in the movie, when a certain song starts playing.

He can successfully pull at your heartstrings at every turn., When you hear the famous Imperial March start playing throughout the course of all the Star Wars films, it feels like, well, a march. You can feel the power and darkness radiating off of Darth Vader as he walks into the room. So when you see the final film (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi), Darth Vader takes his final breath and passes on, the Imperial March I is played for the last time and it isn’t the dark march you usually hear. It’s quieter, like the dark side had been lifted from Darth Vader himself. Or in all of the Harry Potter movies where you hear its main theme at the beginning of each movie. And throughout each of the movies, that one song changes each time and is getting darker and darker until the point where you know something evil is upon us.

John Williams made music that makes you feel deep emotion when you watch it. He can make you feel the emotions of what the characters are feeling like you’re with them in the movie. You will feel the deep sadness, great anger, or even the grand excitement. Like in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. In the beginning of Jurassic Park, they introduce this big park. You and the characters set your eyes upon a dinosaur for the first time. The song makes you feel in awe of what you are seeing. I mean who wouldn’t be in awe if they saw a dinosaur when you thought they went extinct. This was probably the greatest creation that they have ever seen. But when you hear the newest Jurassic World theme song, it has a different tone almost making you change your mind about how you feel about dinosaurs walking on the earth in our time. When you hear music from the famous Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost ark, it makes you want to go out on an adventure. You can feel the tension each time Jones (played by Harrison Ford) has to make it across some type of booby trap or solve a puzzle to save his life and or others. And you hear the theme song throughout the movie making that sense of adventure come back each time. You also get a sense of humor in the music throughout the movie. During fighting scenes, the music plays with itself in seriousness and playfulness. And as Indy makes his great escape, rescue, or final battle, you again hear the amazing theme song ringing in your ear.

These songs are what make these movies what they are today. You can’t envision these movies with any other music than what John Williams has already created. These theme songs will bring back many memories from when you first watched the movie and memories to come when you watch it many times more. The film score is what makes a good movie into a great movie. And will make you want to watch the film again and again… and again.


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