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Having the most confirmed sniper kills in U.S. history, Chris Kyle became the legend in Iraq, all of his fellow soldiers knew him by this title and even ones that didn’t know him still referred to him as this title. Serving 4 tours far surpassing 1000 days, Chris lived up to his name The Legend. Sadly war is often perceived differently in movies then it is in real life and the affects it has. After 9-11 Chris wanted to help fight for his country so he joined the Navy to become a Navy Seal. To stand above the rest and be great in a world full of wolves, Chris was a sheep dog defending his flock. Even sheep dogs take a toll in war, so with that, how has war been perceived differently in movies then in real life, and the major effects it has. I will show how war has been perceived differently through movies, than it has in real life, and Chris Kyle’s life will be analyzed and discussed.

War doesn’t come lightly, it takes lives, destroys homes, and brings nations to its knees. Chris was a cowboy turned seal, after examining the movie you can see that this plays a big part in him having drive to be able to make it through the war. As the movie goes on there is a time when Chris is sitting at home staring at a blank T.V. Some dramatic music is playing building tension. Yet the key point is we start to hear screams, and gunshots, they start to get louder and louder until his wife comes and interrupts his thoughts. This displays Chris's PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) very well, and is one of his encounters with it.

Now you may want to ask, did Chris really have PTSD? It’s a symptom that nobody wants to hear their loved ones are diagnosed with, but he did, yes. PTSD is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event - either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. With the guilt he felt for killing kids and women, and having to come home knowing he could be overseas helping defend his country drove him absolutely crazy. There’s another scene in the movie that Chris is at a family Bar-B-Que. All the kids are running around playing with each other and the dog. Well just before he came home Chris ran into a dog that was going to attack him. Luckily it was chained up and he could return cover fire, But during this a child was killed by the enemy. So back to the party, when the kids are playing with the dog, Chris jumps up and immediately pulls the dog off and holds it down and is about to tie it up with his belt when his wife screams at him to stop. This is another point in the movie that shows how strong the PTSD can settle in and take a hold of even a Navy Seal.

The people in Iraq feared the American’s for many reasons in this time period. Iranian people would have their families tortured and killed for helping and even talking to the American’s. One account was when Chris and some other men searched a house with a family in it that had information on a wanted man. The next day when Chris is going to meet the family to take out the wanted man. They are then taken under sniper fire, and in the midst of the battle, the boy of the family is killed by the wanted man drilling his head, and shooting the father has he comes to save his boy. The wanted man then gives a warning to the others that if they are to talk with the American’s they are to die with them.

Chris Kyle was a cowboy turned Navy Seal, wanting to fight for his country to do what was right. Protecting the innocent was his forte in life. At a young age he encountered a struggle with his younger brother. His brother was getting bullied at school which led to him getting in a fight and clearly loosing. Chris then stepped in to save his brother and to end the fight making sure nothing like this would happen again and his brother would be safe. That night at dinner Chris’s dad gives him and his brother a talk that will affect Chris for the rest of his life. It’s about what you want to become in life and different types of people in this world. Most of them are sheep, follow one another, do the same old thing day in and day out, and not wanting to fight for themselves. The next kind of people are the wolves. People who kill the sheep, take from others, break the law, and destroy things for fun. The final type of people are a rare breed, and these people are the sheepdogs. Tough as nails, made to stand up to the wolf and protect the flock of sheep. Chris’s dad gave them an ultimatum to not be the wolf, that you will either be normal in life or you will be great and become a sheep dog. This changed something in Chris that would follow him and affect him the rest of his life.

“... If you can bounce back after losing, And Produce that will to win. You know you have that little extra, That is awfully hard to beat. So if the road looks rough and rocky, And the future looks awfully dim; Just set your sight and hustle, And produce that will to win” – Linda Jackson Stowe. When you read a great piece of literature it sticks with you forever, it may fade in the darkness, but never truly forgotten.

When Chris wanted to join the military he decided to be the best of the best and become a Navy Seal. Probably one of the hardest programs to pass and become successful in. When you join something of this stature you don’t just need to be physically strong but you need to be mentally strong to make it through. This poem describes Chris to an exact T from being in the rodeo world to the most lethal weapon, having that little extra try and something to help push you further is what Chris had. This is what helped push him through basic training and especially the Navy Seal training. Being strong on the inside physically and mentally is what fueled Chris into finishing training when all the odds were against him and he proved them wrong, by having the “Will to Win” and pushing through it all making it to the end and becoming a Navy Seal.

As mentioned earlier you need to take things one step at a time to help start your day off better. This allows you to be successful and accomplish tasks you have set for the day and what you need to do to carry out those tasks. If it be getting up for work, feeding your pets, going to school, or even being in the worst training you can possibly be in. The reasoning behind making your bed is to start small. That when you do little things well it adds up to be something great, yet not being done all at once. It also teaches you to do these little steps perfect, and by doing them perfect you develop those habits of perfection. Yet even if your day does not turn out the way that you wanted it to then when you come back to the bed you made perfectly at the beginning of the day reminds you of perfect little things you can do that will have more of an impact than what you had initially thought.

Do you have the “will to win”? This goes hand in hand with so many things in life. Are you going to try your best at work today? Or are you going to try and release that book you have been working on a couple weeks early? It’s something that can be applied to everybody and yet is something that so many people lack, they feel that they don’t need it and it should only be used when it’s needed. Having the “Will to Win” is a life trait that will help people in so many different ways it’s unreal. This also goes along with a lot of the Navy Seal training. If you aren’t going to try and go through with the training then it isn’t for you. The “Will to Win” is what you need to make it through the training, being able to stand up against all the abuse and trials that you encounter during the training. Having the mindset of being able to win and you will win is a major mental step in being able to beat the negative side to life, and prosper tremendously.


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