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We're rapidly hurtling towards the season finales of Arrow, The Flash and [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021). While Arrow and The Flash are sure to deliver some amazing closing moments, and some exciting cliffhangers, Legends is sure to give us the most exciting ending of all. We've all heard the rumour that the closing moments of season one will introduce us to a 'beloved superhero from the DC canon,' but who could it be? Let's take a look at some options.

Booster Gold

Two things make me think Booster is coming to LOT - he's Rip Hunter's father and you see that ring he's wearing in the picture up there? That's a Legion Of Superheroes ring. The Legion have been teased in The Flash recently. Booster is certainly considered 'beloved' by DC comics fans, so he definitely fits the bill there as well. The only thing that makes me think that Booster might not be making an appearance in the Arrowverse is that there have been rumblings about DC trying to get a Booster Gold movie off the ground for a while now, and we all know DC movies don't like to share their characters.


How good is Matt Ryan as Constantine?! Since his own amazing show was unceremoniously dumped by NBC, Constantine has showed up in an episode of Arrow which was fantastic, and now it's time for him to take at least some of the spotlight again. Much like Booster Gold, Constantine is beloved by fans, possibly even more so since his Arrowverse debut earlier this season. Seeing Constantine on the Waverider would certainly add a new dimension to the show - how would his mysticism fit in with the more science based elements of the futuristic show? More than anything else, however, not seeing Matt Ryan in this role again would be nothing short of a travesty.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan, Coast City and Ferris Air have all been mentioned or teased several times in Arrow and The Flash. Is this a sign that Hal Jordan is going to be the latest DC hero to join the universe? Honestly, it seems a bit unlike and more than anything else is just a bit of fun for the producers and writers. Much like Bruce being on Barry's speed dial on Earth-2, it probably is nothing more than an inside nod for hardcore comics fans. But still, seeing Hal Jordan and his Green Lantern Ring riding the Waverider would be undoubtedly awesome.

Connor Hawke

We were introduced to Connor Hawk on the 'Star City 2046' episode of Legends Of Tomorrow earlier this season. In the Arrowverse, he's supposed to be John Diggle's son which is a really nice connection to the show's wider universe. Taking over from the one-armed Oliver Queen of the future, Connor took it upon himself to try and protect Star City from the criminals that have overrun the city. Joseph David-Jones did a phenomenal job of portraying the future Arrow, and it would be a real shame if we didn't get a chance to see more of his character next season.


Batman in the Arrowverse is one thing that has fans split down the middle. Some would kill to see Greg Berlanti & crew's take on the Caped Crusader, while others think it would ruin the universe and overshadow the already established lead characters. Both make valid points, and Nightwing is the perfect middle ground. He's a deep and varied character in his own right, but still brings a hint of The Bat with him. It would be a great way to introduce Batman's universe into this one without the worry of any other characters being overshadowed. While Batman really does deserve a great TV show of his own, this universe isn't where it belongs. I see Nightwing as a Roy Harper-like character - a bit unstable, not too sure on the difference between right or wrong. That is, until a former Time Master decides to set him on the straight and narrow

Who would you like to see join the Legends Of Tomorrow on the Waverider next season?


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