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Former Days of Our Lives actor turned action-movie staple Paul Logan stars in The Horde, released May 6 from Gravitas Ventures.

The action-horror film, which Logan also wrote, features Logan, Costas Mandylor, Bill Moseley, Vernon Wells and Matthew Willig (Concussion).

Logan, tipped to be one of the next big things in action cinema, gives us the lowdown on The Horde.

In a few words, what’s The Horde about?

THE HORDE is an action/horror film that is a cross between THE HILLS HAVE EYES and RAMBO. The reason that I wrote this one was because I thought, most horror films are the same. It's a bunch of kids going into the woods, the killer or the killers hunt them down one at a time until there is usually one girl left and she gets away. We've seen it a million times. But we've seen it a million times because that's what the horror audience wants, expects and enjoys. So I thought, what would happen if you had the same scenario, a bunch of kids out on a nature photography field trip in the woods with their teacher. A bunch of mutant, cannibalistic killers hunting them down... but one person in their group was ex-special forces, was a Navy SEAL who can fight back and turn the hunters into the hunted. You have all of the boo scares, terror and gore of a horror film and all of the extreme action and brutal fights of an action movie as well as a cool love story.

Did the budget and resources available to you dictate with the film would be?

I actually purposely wrote THE HORDE to be able to shoot it on a lower budget. It was the first project that my production company RAZORS EDGE PRODUCTIONS was doing and I wanted to attract investors with a high concept film that could be done for the budget and still deliver a big budget look and feel. THE HORDE does.

And did you write the lead character for yourself?

Absolutely. All of the six scripts that I have written are vehicles for myself. I got tired of waiting for projects to come to me so I decided to create some. They are all action or action/horror. I have been training martial arts since I was 13 so I love doing action movies.

Do you identify with the character? How much of you is in there?

I definitely do. There is a lot of me in there with John Crenshaw’s sarcasm and seriousness. He is a very driven, serious, bad ass guy who also has a romantic side. He will do anything to save the woman that he loves. I try to be all of those things.

You of course have to talk about your cast, and why exactly these people?

My cast was Amazing! I wanted to put some iconic horror names in THE HORDE and called up my friends Costas Mandylor, Bill Mosely and Vernon Wells. They loved the script, came on and killed it!! (No pun intended) They all brought my characters to evil life perfectly. We were so happy to have them aboard. We also had Nestor Serrano and my buddy Matthew Willig who both rocked and Tiffany Brauer as Selena. Some of the most important castings were the kids in the movie. We were Very insistent on the kids being good actors and could convey being terrified in this horrific situation. So often horror films have kids who are not the best actors and the film turns into a campy, goofy movie. This was Not the case, our kids were rock stars and did an awesome job. So thankful for our amazing cast.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of filming where you did?

We were extremely lucky with our locations, originally I was thinking of shooting outside of L.A. but I found some amazing locations here. The one where we shot a great deal of THE HORDE had woods, trails, cabins, roads, a barn etc. so it was perfect to shoot there. Everyone could also sleep in there own beds and if wee needed anything last minute, we were still in town. The only disadvantage was that the dirt roads were a bit narrow to film the chase scene on but we made it work.

Was it a fun shoot.. or quite serious, because of the work involved and tone of the movie?

I always have fun on set. I am making a living getting to play cool action hero characters, I love it. We had an amazing crew who busted their asses and created the world of THE HORDE for us to play in. Our D.P. Laura Beth Love and our director Jared Cohn made sure everything looked incredible. We all worked hard and had fun doing it.

Any future projects you'd like to talk about?

My next project is also one that I wrote. It’s called THE EDGE OF MADNESS, it’s basically DIE HARD in an Asylum. My character is a detective trapped in an asylum that houses the worst of the worst of the criminally insane. Lots of action… it Rocks. I’m also doing 2 more films.

How would you describe yourself as an actor?

As an actor and a person I am pretty intense, driven and a perfectionist. I try to bring a believability to all of my characters as well as a vulnerability. I play a lot of hard edged characters and like showing a human side as well.

What about as a screenwriter?

I like writing action and action/horror films and I always try to put my characters in the most dangerous, exciting, action-packed scenarios that will keep the audience riveted to the screen. I also try to “idiot-proof” every script I do. If the characters have to go into a dangerous place or do something life threatening, I want there to be a very strong reason or no other way to do it. I don’t want the audience to see them do something and say “Oh, why did they do that?” It takes the audience out of it and cheats them. I try to paint the character into a corner with high stakes and insurmountable odds and have the hero fight and think their way out. That’s what I did with John Crenshaw in THE HORDE.

Where can we see the flick!?

The movie will be available MAY 6TH on most Video On Demand platforms including AT&T U-VERSE, DISH NETWORK , DIRECT TV ON DEMAND, COX, CHARTER ON DEMAND VERIZON FIOS, SUDDEN LINK, MEDIACOM, INSIGHT, WOW RCN, EASTLINK TV, ROGERS ON DEMAND, SHAW, iTunes, Google Play , YouTube Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video on Demand, Microsoft, Play Station Network for more platforms please go to THE HORDE website. Please check it out!!!

For more information on THE HORDE please visit and See THE HORDE everywhere on MAY 6th!!!

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