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In May of 2013, at the XBOX One reveal event, Microsoft announced that they'd be supporting a lot more than Halo 5. It was announced that Steven Spielberg would be producing a Halo TV series, and while we knew very little about it, that prospect alone was an exciting one.

In order to jog your memory, you can check out the video below which covers that specific announcement. Steven Spielberg chimes in around the 3:45 mark.

However, since this event in 2013, the Halo TV series has gone dark. It was due to receive a release date in Fall of 2015 but of course that never came to pass. Instead, Halo 5 launched on its own and we were left wondering about the future of this intriguing project.

What Happen To Steven Spielberg's Halo TV Show?

Due to the relative silence from Microsoft and the people that will be airing the show, Showtime, fans assumed that the project had been cancelled. Rumors circulated for months with no statements to the contrary. However, that's apparently not the case.

The last time that we were informed about the development process of the Halo TV series was when Showtime's President David Nevins responded to IGN's inquiry in mid-August of 2015:

”It's still in development. Still in very active development.

While this was certainly good news, when IGN inquired about whether fans could anticipate an update in the near future, Nevins responded with laughter and, "No time soon." This is it. This is all the information we've received and this was the last update that personnel working on the project gave us. We've no idea what exactly is delaying the production or release of this TV show, nor how far along this "active development" actually is.

After Halo 5, Are You Excited For A Halo TV Series?

Halo 5: Guardians
Halo 5: Guardians

While Halo 5 wasn't the most successful title in the franchise's history in terms of critical or audience response, fans are still excited to see what Steven Spielberg could do with this universe. Halo 5 may have disappointed us in the narrative department, but that doesn't mean that the TV show can't entertain.

Personally, I'm more excited to see how a live-action Halo series would work, particularly after the average adventures of Agent Locke in [Halo: Nightfall (Digital Feature)](tag:1427493). Could Steven Spielberg's genius bring to life an awesome TV show that would do the Halo name proud? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Do you have faith in Steven Spielberg?


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