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Let's face it: Superheroes are really, really weird. Not just the ones like Howard the Duck, Tank Girl, or Theodore Rex but the famous freaks. A guy who can shoot web from his wrist 'cause he got bit by a radioactive arachnid? An invincible alien who escaped from his burning planet and wants to save the Earth repeatedly? Catwoman? Their outlandishness is why we love them.

Theodore Rex / Source: J&M
Theodore Rex / Source: J&M

Captain America: Civil War is already a superb exercise in the unnatural, but a stunning new parody trailer by YouTuber Aldo Jones has cranked up the bizarre to eye-watering pitch with his take on the superhero show-down. So far, it has drawn the attention of over 410,000 in just four days. Trust me — it's weird.

Jones has taken the first trailer of Captain America: Civil War and added a melee of mind-bending visual effects. Some are realistic, some cheap, but all give us a heavy dose of what the Internet is best at: the hilariously odd. It has to be seen to be believed.

All image sources unless otherwise stated: Marvel
All image sources unless otherwise stated: Marvel

The trailer opens with Captain America (Chris Evans) moonwalking with the panache of Michael Jackson towards Bucky (Sebastian Stan) across a darkened room. Wearing a t-shirt proclaiming "I'm Groot" the captain says:

"Buck. Do you remember me?"

Bucky is suddenly wearing Snow White's outfit, complete with bow and lipstick.

"Your mom's name was Sarah, you used to wear newspapers in your shoes."

If you hadn't seen this trailer before, the peculiar two sentences might have been made up by the YouTuber, but they did feature verbatim in the original trailer.

He flourishes a copy of a magazine called Milf Illustrated on which Sarah Rogers is the cover model as "Milf of the Week." Low blow from Buck. Falcon (Anthony Mackie) then develops a twitch and Buck grows a massive nose.

Clips from the original are spliced with cameos from figures who perhaps would have been considered for Civil War if it wasn't already brimming with wackos: Homer Simpson bursts from an explosion, BB-8 rolls across a running crowd, even the zombie from THAT prank YouTube video joins in the fun.

The sequence of clips are so quick if you blink you'll miss them — including flashes of Jones's logo, "subscribe," and "Patreon" that look suspiciously like subliminal attempts to boost his channel engagement.

The rest of the parody slides down a rabbit hole of randomness over the next two minutes. There's no point trying to create a smooth narrative from this screwball show, so here's a bullet point breakdown of the highlights:

  • Policeman scrawling "Anyone who reads this is a dumbass"
  • Duck from Duck Hunt game gets shot; Bert of Bert and Ernie gets shot; Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) shoots an arrow with the face of Peter of Family Guy on the tip
  • Pacman ghosts ghosting down a staircase
  • Bucky's rooftop jump ends in an explosion of blood; his motorbike smashes into a wall
  • General Ross (William Hurt) jams to AC/DC; reads Milf Illustrated; slips a magazine with the true-to-life fact in its headline "Batman v Superman: biggest superhero opening ever" across the table
  • Steve Rogers falls over; has a big red nose; plays with Captain America and Iron Man toys; carries a boombox ; gallantly dons a sombrero; picks his nose; watches BvS weird trailer; sprouts Wolverine claws
  • Falcon gets slapped on the head. Hard
  • Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) with a mega nose talks to a Converse shoe
  • Cameos from: John Travolta from Pulp Fiction; Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump; Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow; The face of Barney Gumble from The Simpsons on a blimp
  • Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) has an eye twitch; gets stabbed by Heath Ledger's Joker; wears a flaming skull helmet
  • Loads of bobblehead fun

The best part of this madness is the final scene. It mimics the headline-grabbing final scene of one of the Civil War trailers when Spider-Man (Tom Holland) swipes Captain America's shield and springs onto the roof of a car saying: "Hey everybody." The Hulk takes a disliking to his perkiness and rips him in half. It's more satisfying than squashing a bug:

This trailer may be a comment on our acceptance of the strange in movies, it may be a satire of the seriousness of Civil War, or just a homage to special effects, but whatever it is it's a lot more fun than the original trailer.

Watch it here:

Is This Weird Trailer Funny or Stupid?

Source: Aldo Jones


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