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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series below. Proceed with caution!

Bow down, because The Walking Dead is about to welcome a king!

With the Season 7 of the show about to commence filming, The Spoiling Dead Fans recently posted an interesting casting call for a recurring role that sounds an awful lot like the comic book character Ezekiel.

In The Walking Dead comic series Ezekiel is the self-proclaimed king of a community called The Kingdom, and all-round a rather interesting character. He also owns a tiger named Shiva! Take a look at the casting call below:

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans/Facebook
Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans/Facebook

TV Line and are also reporting a similar casting call for a character who has been called "Augustus." Fans of the series will know not to be fooled by the name in the casting call, as The Walking Dead regularly uses fake names — most recently putting out a casting call for a character named Orin, which was a cover for Negan.

In Episode 15 and 16 of The Walking Dead Season 6, viewers got a hint that The Kingdom was about to be introduced when two characters who bore a resemblance to characters from the community popped up. With the events of the finale reflecting the events of Issue 100 (Negan's introduction), the series is definitely on par to reach The Kingdom soon (The Kingdom is first introduced in Issue 108 of the comics). Not to mention that both Ezekiel and Shiva's introduction have been teased by producers in the recent past.

Morgan meets a member of The Kingdom
Morgan meets a member of The Kingdom

Ezekiel had a very distinct look in the comic series, with his long dreadlocks and commanding manner, and many fans of the comics are calling for voice actor Dave Fennoy to try out for the roll. Fennoy is already involved in The Walking Dead universe as the voice of character Lee Everett in the Telltale game series, and there's no denying his resemblance to Ezekiel.

Dave Fennoy as Ezekiel?
Dave Fennoy as Ezekiel?

With The Walking Dead now on hiatus until October, fans will likely have to wait until San Diego Comic Con in July when the Season 7 trailer will most probably be released. However, the Season 6 cliffhanger means that the future of 11 characters are in limbo, and therefore the trailer may be comprised of footage featuring other characters. Could that mean that Ezekiel and Shiva will appear in the trailer? According to It seems likely. Unfortunately we'll have to wait until July to find out!

The Walking Dead will return with Season 7 in October 2016

Who do you think would make the perfect Ezekiel?

Source: TV Line via Spoiling Dead Fans


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