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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Crawlin' at ya like Cleopatra, it's the first trailer for deranged horror crossover Sadako vs Kayako, more commonly known to Western audiences as The Ring vs The Grudge.

The premise is marvelously off-the-wall, with two incredibly unwise young girls watching "a cursed videotape together in a haunted house." Great job, girls, rest assured that nothing could possibly go wrong in that scenario.

Check out the great girlish ghouls of horror in the trailer for The Ring vs The Grudge.

Creepy Room. Static. Standard.

Making An Entrance

Several screens of Japanese script: any translations gratefully received!

A rough translation says: Historic project, largest ever Japanese horror. Forbidden territory to adults! 'Ring Series' and 'Grudge series.' Any Japanese speakers in the MP community, feel free to shed any light on this or the dialogue in the trailer!

Hair-raising stuff

Creepy Kids

Well, well, well.

Sadako Comes Crawling Out Of The TV

Kayako Comes Creaking Down The Stairs

— And All Hell Breaks Loose

Vengeful ghost girl Kayako (of The Grudge) has an advantage in the shape of her freaky son Toshio, but The Ring's Sadako has enough rage to put up a fierce fight. Sadako vs Kayako a.k.a. The Ring vs The Grudge is released in Japan June 18, 2016.

Sadako vs Kayako: Who Will Win The Fight?

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