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Bella Thorne’s first line in her most recent movie is: “Choke on a cock,” so it’s perhaps not so surprising that the former Disney sweetheart would love to showcase her colorful language as the sewer-mouthed chimichanga enthusiast, Lady Deadpool.

Lady Deadpool ain't nuttin' to fuck with
Lady Deadpool ain't nuttin' to fuck with

In an interview with Moviephone, the 18-year-old revealed that she is a massive fan of the Merc with the Mouth by telling interviewers that she would love to wriggle into the iconic spandex. She explained:

“Honestly, if I could just play a female version of 'Deadpool’ — any character that's a female version of ‘Deadpool' — I'm so down!"

Although fans are probably more familiar with Thorne from her saccharine sweet pop career and her roles as CeCe on the Disney Channel staple Shake It Up, the young star is looking to cut her teeth on edgier material, including the upcoming Amityville: The Awakening.

Speaking up about growing out of of her good girl Disney Channel image, Thorne told Nylon magazine that she was tired of altering her personality to suit Disney's squeaky clean, wholesome image. She explained:

"Finally, when I got off the [Disney] Channel, I stopped listening to people telling me that I needed to be this and that. I literally would talk with a higher voice in interviews because that was the whole innocent Disney appeal."
Thorne in 'Shake It Up'
Thorne in 'Shake It Up'

Thorne is determined to open a new chapter in her career though she told Nylon definitively that:

“This is my year of badassness.”

And what better way to be the biggest badass of all than metamorphosing into Wanda Wilson, the Lady Deadpool who kicks up an absolute shitstorm of lunacy in the alternate reality known as Earth-3010?

Would you like to see Bella Thorne as Lady Deadpool?

(Source: Moviephone and Nylon )


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