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Granted, the fun about superhero movies is that the characters' powers don't necessarily need to be realistic. Flying effortlessly and smashing things with the strength of a hundred men is what being a superhero is all about, isn't it?

But with Marvel heroes being so close to real people — Black Widow is a spy, after all — it's exciting to imagine what the Avengers would actually be like in our world. Could a really buff guy be Captain America if he had the right equipment? YouTube gun expert Jerry Miculek decided to test Cap's ultimate weapon: his shield.

Captain America's Shield Vs. Real Life Ammo

One tiny detail is that Vibranium, the magical material that makes up Captain America's shield in the movies, doesn't actually exist. But Miculek decided to use titanium, which is probably as close as it gets, and made the shield to the proper size and weight. He even donned the full Cap outfit to get in character.

Watch the full video to get a little history of Captain America, or skip right to 2:00 to see how the shield holds up to a series of eight bullets.


Spoilers: it works just fine! Maybe we'll see Miculek wearing the Cap suit more often. "Widely considered to be the greatest shooter of all time," as his YouTube page puts it, he's done more than one video testing shooting gear — sometimes including pop culture themes such as Captain America. You can check out his page here.


If you could pick a superhero equipment, would you rather own Cap's shield or Iron Man's suit?


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