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Whispers have been circulating around the web recently that Norman Reedus is sticking his oar in with screen writers to try and get Daryl and Negan — played by his real-life buddy Jeffrey Dean Morgan — more screen time. But according to Reedus's reps, it is nothing but malicious gossip.

Star Magazine published the fabricated story in question, which stated that Reedus lobbied hard to get his pal a job and claimed Norman was not content with just getting his chum a part. They further claimed that he "is now putting pressure on producers to beef up both of their roles next season."

Negan makes his debut
Negan makes his debut

Thankfully, the slayer of idle online gossip, Gossip Cop, reached out to Reedus's team who categorically denied the allegations while also giving a bitchy side-eye to the U.K. based rag for spreading misinformation. They put the story straight by saying:

"Norman has absolutely nothing to do with the casting or storylines on the show. He has strong friendships with Andrew, Steven and Jeffrey, and is thrilled to work with them all as much as humanly possible. We would have given the same quote to Star, if they bothered to call us to fact check."


Daryl is clearly  not impressed...
Daryl is clearly not impressed...

Clearly, Star magazine has observed how Daryl had less screen time in Season 6 than previous seasons (with the exception of his standalone episode, of course) and attempted to try and spin it into a scandalous yarn with no basis in fact.

It's clear than Negan (and Lucille by extension, of course) will have a huge role in Season 7 if the comics are anything to go by, although it is unclear just what Daryl will be up to in Season 7, seeing as he exists exclusively in the TV universe.

With his firm status as a massive fan favorite though, maybe speculation that Negan and Daryl will engage in some sort of intense warfare could have some truth in it. Because let's face it, we don't even want to go there with that other rumor.

Do you think Daryl and Negan will play a big role in Season 7?

(Source: Gossip Cop via Star)


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