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There's just a week to go now until Captain America: Civil War is finally released in the US, and Marvel is really laying it on thick with the TV spots. Number 27 in the series of fast-paced ads boasts impressive quotes from critics, just in case you weren't hyped enough for this movie already.

With Civil War on track to be Marvel's most financially successful movie yet, it's no surprise that critics are heaping on the praise. But this TV spot also hints at a possible realignment of the teams, if you pay close attention.

It seems as though the critics' verdict is favorable, with phrases like "compelling," "powerful," and "brilliantly crafted" being thrown around. Of course, when it comes to superhero movies, all that matters is the fan reaction, but it certainly seems as though Civil War really is the epic we've been hoping for.

Team Cap ready to throw down in 'Civil War'.
Team Cap ready to throw down in 'Civil War'.

That release date can't come soon enough!

So, What About The Plot Hints?

Although there's no new footage, the trailer opens with what seems to be a new line from Cap himself:

"I believe in family. And I'll protect them, no matter what."

The dialogue definitely sounds like it's been cut together from a few scenes, but what's interesting are the shots that the narration accompanies.

We've got Steve, Sam, Nat, and Bucky, all dramatically looking up as Cap talks about family on the soundtrack. These characters were dubbed Team Cap when The Winter Soldier was released, which is all well and good until we remember that Black Widow has since aligned herself with Iron Man for Civil War.

This came as a surprise to many fans, as Nat's journey in The Winter Soldier was very much about her budding friendship with Steve, as the two learned to work together and trust one another.

Nat stayed by Steve's side in 'The Winter Soldier'.
Nat stayed by Steve's side in 'The Winter Soldier'.

Some fans suspected that this would make Black Widow the mediator of Civil War, the character caught between the two teams. And although she fights on Team Iron Man, the Russo brothers have made it very clear that Natasha's loyalties are divided.

"It’s a great position to put Natasha in in this movie. In a way, her head is with Tony’s side of things, but her heart is with Cap in a lot of ways. It’s a really awesome spot for her as a character in the film."

In their breakdown of the teams, Entertainment Weekly commented that Natasha's gut is telling her she shouldn't side with Tony Stark, but with Steve.

Black Widow in 'Civil War'.
Black Widow in 'Civil War'.

When we put all of this together with the new TV spot, it seems that Natasha's allegiances will be a focal point of Civil War. Marvel definitely wants to remind us that Nat's friendship with Steve and Sam was an important part of The Winter Soldier.

So, could Black Widow defect from Team Iron Man in Civil War and join her old teammates instead? It doesn't seem so unlikely, but we'll just have to wait another week (just one more!) to find out.

Which team do you think Black Widow should be on? Tell us in the comments!

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