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(Warning: The following contains a whole lot of SPOILER-filled content from previously released movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In other words, if you aren't yet up all caught up on the first two Captain America and Avengers films, proceed with caution and all that...)

Now, for all that Captain America is widely seen as most fundamentally good, honest and decent superhero out there - sorry, Superman - there are still a few question marks remaining over just how truly 'good' he actually is. After all, as many fans have pointed out over the years, Cap sure does seem to have killed a whole lot of people to be considered a conventional 'good guy'.

Now, though, we might just be one step closer to a definitive answer, as Youtube's Mr. Sunday Movies has released a shiny new video that just might answer that most pressing of questions:

Exactly How Many People HAS Cap Killed?

Now, to really get the full effect, you'll need to actually watch the thing - there are some superbly edited reaction shots in there, which really only work in context - but suffice to say that the final tally is...somewhat up for debate.

After all, the total - 14,089 - includes a bunch of robots (all of which were technically just Ultron, who wasn't ultimately killed by Cap) and a major Helicarrier explosion that may or may not have led to as many deaths as the video credits it with (the implication was that all of the helicarriers were being run by skeleton crews), opening up a whole lot of scope for argument. kind of the perfect outcome, when you think about it.

So, the big question, then?


How many people do YOU think Cap has killed?



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