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(Warning: The following contains multiple images from Marvel's upcoming Captain America: Civil War. While individually they could only be considered to be very mildly SPOILER-ific, they may cumulatively contain much larger SPOILERS. Proceed with whatever level of caution your innate (Spidey) sense of SPOILER-aversion suggests is wise...)

Now, with Marvel's Captain America: Civil War rapidly approaching theaters, it would be entirely understandable had we all buried ourselves under a pile of blankets, having recruited friends and family members to 'wake us up in time for opening night'. After all, with a film widely tipped to be among the greatest superhero movies of all time so close to release, the avoidance of SPOILERS isn't a quest to be taken lightly.

If you're feeling brave, however, then why not check out the newly revealed stash of images from the film, care of Spanish site AirunGarky? After all...

These Newly Revealed 'Civil War' Images are More Awesome Than They Are SPOILER-ific (Just)

Which is to say that they are mildly to moderately SPOILER-ific (depending on how much you think about them), but extremely awesome. After all, they include...

The Avengers Looking All Semi-Formal

Black Panther in All His Panther-Like Glory

War Machine Blowing Stuff Up

Tony Stark Looking Indignant

Bucky and The Falcon Having Some Sort of Plan

The Black Panther Leaping Heroically

Everett Ross Standing Methodically

Agent 13 Smiling Pleasantly

Baron Zemo Glancing Enigmatically

The Falcon Shooting Cautiously

The Avengers, Getting In Trouble

And, of course...

The Black Panther, Unmasked

The big question now?

What do YOU think?


Just how excited are you to see Civil War?



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