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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 2, Episode 3. Proceed with caution.

After a strong Episode 2 last week, Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 proved the show is on one helluva winning streak!

With the group properly splitting up for the first time this season, Episode 3 managed to keep the tension both offshore — with Madison talking to Strand on the boat about his plan to go to Mexico — and onshore — as Daniel and the younger members of the group went to search the wreckage of a plane crash.

The episode had some brilliantly tense moments, with a herd of walkers taking over the bridge, evidence of people losing their humanity, and a strong hint that a member of the group might soon turn against the rest of the group. But enough rehashing! Take a look at five things you might have missed in Fear the Walking Dead Episode 3, "Ouroboros."

1. Chris Is Finally Putting His Anger Over Liza's Death Behind Him

I'm not going to mince words: Chris has been a total whiny baby thus far on Fear the Walking Dead. After the death of his mother, the teen really ramped up the angst, and after he developed a penchant for killing walkers in Episode 2, I was really worried that he might snap.

Thankfully, though, after the events of "Ouroboros," it looks like he has finally made some progress, having been put in a similar situation as his father was with his mother at the end of Season 1. As horrible as it must be to have to kill a person (especially bludgeoning them to death), what happened between Chris and the man in the wreckage of the fuselage was a huge development for the young man, and I suspect he'll become more of an asset to the group from here on in.

2. Nick Figured Out The Whole Walking-Among-Walkers Thing Before Rick Grimes Did

Way back in Season 1 of The Walking Dead, the Georgia crew figured out that covering yourself in guts meant you could walk among walkers, and now they've figured it out in Fear the Walking Dead, too!

While you definitely didn't miss this part of the episode, I think it's still worthwhile including it in this list. Basically, this is a technique that the survivors will be able to come back to time and again. While it has been pretty underused as a technique in The Walking Dead, hopefully the characters in Fear are a bit more willing to get down and dirty more often. Not only that, but it's probably more useful of a technique in Fear due to the fact that in their timeline walker numbers are at an all-time high.

Nick following Alicia, Chris and Daniel off the beach
Nick following Alicia, Chris and Daniel off the beach

While The Walking Dead Season 6 has been taking place almost two years since the initial breakout, Fear the Walking Dead is currently only about three weeks after the fact — long before Rick Grimes even wakes up from his coma! Because it's so soon into the apocalypse, there is still an enormous population of walkers out there, unlike in The Walking Dead, where walker numbers have significantly decreased thanks to survivors wiping many of them out. Fingers crossed Fear the Walking Dead utilizes this nifty (albeit messy) little trick more in the future.

3. Nick And Ofelia?

Ofelia looks at the rosary beads Nick got for her.
Ofelia looks at the rosary beads Nick got for her.

After giving her suggestions for how to take care of her gunshot wound in Episode 1, Nick continued showing his concern and affection for Ofelia in Episode 3, even finding some rosary beads to give to her. However, with no medical professionals left in the group after Liza's death, Ofelia will certainly be praying that the Amoxicillin Nick picked up off the beach for her starts working quickly.

I'm still not entirely convinced that Ofelia will make it through until the midseason finale, but with her father and Nick looking out for her, she at least has a fighting chance. Plus, I'd love for her to become the Carol of the group — she even has a set of rosary beads; do you think it might be a symbol of what's to come?

4. Strand Is Turning Into Shane

In Episode 3 we saw Strand go from an awesome character to a dick in one swift move, and much like Shane in The Walking Dead, I think he'll definitely live (or not) to regret his actions.

Madison is unimpressed with what a dick Strand is.
Madison is unimpressed with what a dick Strand is.

While in previous episodes Strand has had sound reasoning for his decisions (in Episode 1 there were simply too many survivors to let on the boat, and letting a child onboard in Episode 2 was, realistically, just a waste of supplies), when he cut away Alex and Jake's dinghy it was truly stupid and totally reminded me of Shane in Season 2 of TWD. After all, Alex basically saved the lives of Daniel, Nick, Alicia and Chris when she warned them about the incoming herd of walkers, and in return she was set adrift. There's no way in hell Daniel and Madison are going to let Strand live that down, and I predict that much like Shane, Strand will meet his end soon enough. Do you agree?

5. Alex Will Definitely Be Back

After the conclusion of mini series Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 at the end of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, we finally got to see our survivor Alex (formally known as Charlie) on screen in "Ouroboros."

From watching Flight 462 people will already know that Alex is a total survivor, and seems to have adapted to this new world pretty quickly. However, just when it looked like Alex was about to join our gang on the boat, Strand cut her and the badly burned Jake loose and sent them out to sea. While it might look like that's it for Alex on the series, I wouldn't be so certain. She's already proved herself a survivor and I'm betting that karma, in the form of Alex, will soon catch up with Strand. Who knows, perhaps she'll even find help with the vessel that was pursuing the group earlier in the season. What do you think?

'Fear the Walking Dead' returns with Episode 4, 'Blood in the Streets' on Sunday, May 1.

What did you think of 'Fear the Walking Dead' Episode 3?

Nick is the captain now.
Nick is the captain now.

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