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With three episodes down, Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 is officially off to a flying start, and it doesn't look set to slow down anytime soon! After finally fixing the issue with Abigail in Episode 3, next week it looks like we can expect some very intense times aboard specifically involving Strand and his mystery destination.

In order to prepare us for the next week, AMC has kindly released both the 30-second promo and the longer sneak peek for Episode 4, which is titled "Blood in the Streets."

Check them out both below:

Whoa, right!

First up we see Strand frantically searching the boat in the first signs of panic we've ever seen from the mystery man, coming across a gun he had locked in a compartment.

What is Strand hiding?
What is Strand hiding?

Next up we see Travis telling Maddie that they can't trust Strand, nor his plan to get to Mexico. Then, just when we were getting into the Strand drama, it looks like another group have found the boat and they approach, asking for help. But if the group thought they would get a warm welcome, they were wrong, with Chris asking Ofelia if he should shoot those on board or not. Damn, that kid is cold!

Chris and Ofelia spot a new group in a dinghy
Chris and Ofelia spot a new group in a dinghy

Back inside the boat, the drama continues, with someone punching out Travis, Daniel standing guard with a gun, and Madison asking Alicia where Nick is.

And speak of the devil, next up is a shot of Nick wandering through what looks to be a refugee camp in the dark all by himself (see the sneak peek below to see how Nick made it to the camp). But judging by the close-up on the leg of a person following Nick, it looks like he'd better watch out because a zombie might be right on his tail.

However, there's no real time to worry about Nick because back on the boat it looks like someone's gone insane and is holding Chris at gunpoint, but who is it? The character's hands are white, so it doesn't appear to be Strand, and his shirt doesn't match Daniel's — could it be one of the characters from the boat that we saw earlier in the promo?

There's a lot of drama in the promo, but the real kicker comes at the end with Daniel telling the group, "We don't need Strand," before cutting to a clip of a body floating in the ocean. But is the body Strand's, or is this a classic Walking Dead universe red herring? I have no idea!

While the promo is fraught with insane tension and drama, this sneak peek below is a whole other situation altogether! Check it out:

So, we saw a little of where Nick might end up in the promo, but here we see that Nick ended up on shore by swimming what was probably a pretty decent distance. Almost the whole sneak peek seems to deal with an exhausted and naked Nick swimming ashore. However, it looks like Nick has tied a bag full of dry clothes to his ankle, so he obviously has some sort of plan, and as the camera pans out at the end we get an inkling of what the plan might be.

Helicopters fly over Nick's head
Helicopters fly over Nick's head

By the looks of things, Nick has swum ashore at what looks to be the border between the US and Mexico, which is being patrolled by helicopters and the Coast Guard. Out in the ocean, we can see countless small vessels (one of which we may have seen in the promo above) that look to be trying to get ashore. But why exactly is Nick by himself on land, is he a scout for the group or has he gone rogue — what do you think?

Fear the Walking Dead returns with Episode 4 "Blood in the Streets" on Sunday, May 1

What are you expecting from Episode 4?


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