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Current beauty standards lead us to believe that losing weight is the path to self-confidence, and we don't need much to turn dieting into a competition. Based on this idea that skinnier is better, the TV show The Biggest Loser rewards its participants for losing the most (or the biggest percentage of) weight.

But the 2008 winner of this tricky game, Ali Vincent, has opened up about her struggle with her own body image, showing that her progress on the show wasn't the solution to her well-being.

'I Feel Ashamed. I Feel Embarrassed. I Feel Overwhelmed.'

Ali Vincent in 2014
Ali Vincent in 2014

The first female to win The Biggest Loser recently posted on Facebook to admit she had gained back the 112 pounds she'd lost on the show.

On April 16th I did one of the hardest things in my life I joined Weight Watchers and weighed in close to the weight I started at on 'The Biggest Loser.' I swore I would never be there again. I couldn't imagine a day again that I would weigh over 200 pounds. I feel ashamed. I feel embarrassed. I feel overwhelmed. I feel like a failure.
Ali Vincent
Ali Vincent

She also added that her struggle with procreation didn't help her to remain positive, as she learned that the embryos she hoped to use for an in-vitro fertilization were "not fit to be implanted."

I wanted to disappear, retreat, eat, stuff myself, sleep, not feel. Anything but think about the possibility of not ever being able to be a mom.

'I've Decided To Finally Feel Proud Of Myself Again'

Ali Vincent on TODAY’S TMJ4
Ali Vincent on TODAY’S TMJ4

Thankfully, the author of Believe It, Be It was not going to let these struggles get her down, and concluded her post with an inspiring message.

I've decided to finally feel proud of myself again! To hell with shame! I've been so afraid and worried of public shame and ridicule that I've created more pain for myself than anyone else can but not anymore.

Having your body watched on national TV is undoubtedly difficult, so Vincent deserves applause for finally coming to terms with her perception of herself.

What message shared by a celebrity really inspired you?

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