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For those technophobes lurking out there, the term Virtual Reality probably sends a cold shiver down your spine. Maybe you're a fan of Orwell. Maybe you watched Her, freaked out and threw away your computer, afraid that one day it'd hit on you. Or not.

Anyway, like it or not, VR is already a reality, but the realism in that (virtual) reality is increasing. One game in particular, The Brookhaven Experiment, has been causing quite the stir.

Virtual ROFL

Naturally, as part of the millennial selfie-snapping generation, users of VR headsets are filming themselves (or their loved ones) traverse the Tron-like terrain and become immersed in computer generated worlds. Often, with hilarious consequences.

A screenshot from The Brookhaven Experiment
A screenshot from The Brookhaven Experiment

The thing is, being immersed is all well and good, unless you're in an environment akin to a living nightmare. Granted, seeing people scream and manically spin around in confused circles like a rabid dog chasing its tail, all the while wearing what looks like an oversized pair of novelty sunglasses, does makes for hilarious viewing.

Maybe Don't Try This At Home?

YouTube user Karl&RenateVR has uploaded a video that illustrates perfectly the dark, dark side to VR. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but there must be a line between healthy fear and actually shitting your pants (which doesn't happen in this video):

The Renate in the Karl&RenateVR is seen playing The Brookhaven Experiments, the first person shooter where the user has to blast away at blood-thirsty zombies. By the end, poor Renate is quivering and refuses to continue.

As terrifying as it appears, producers of the game will be delighted they're making headlines, so don't expect a Total Recall anytime soon.

Have you tried Virtual Reality?

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