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We've been told time and time again that our imperfections are what make us beautiful. Yet, in being confronted with images of the perfect ideal everywhere we turn — whether it be on our television screens or magazine spreads — this only makes our insecurities skyrocket.

That's why it's so empowering to see women like actress Paige Billiot gather the confidence to showcase what it is that makes them that extra bit different — and in turn, inspire us to love our "flaws."

Taking to the blog named The Flawless Affect, Paige commissioned a photoshoot that boasted the "port wine stain" birthmark that has always graced the left side of her face. Check out the extraordinary images that were also posted on her Instagram:

Pretty sensational, I'm sure you'll agree!

On her blog, Paige also shared some of her thoughts regarding flaws, revealing how she had to persevere through bullying growing up as a kid. However, she thankfully learned to love herself the way she is early on, telling The Huffington Post:

“At a young age I was already fed up answering the same questions. So, the first day at a new school I asked the teacher if I could introduce myself. As hard as it was, I got up in front of the whole class, told them who I was and how I was different. I was finally able to breathe, and that’s when I noticed a big change. The bullying stopped almost completely. I realized that a lot of those harsh actions came from a place of fear of the unknown."

By appearing in various photoshoots that showcase her beautiful face-mark, she reiterates that her perceptions of flaws have completely transformed:

“The stares and pointing don’t stop, but my self acceptance has changed, and it makes all the difference."

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Do our flaws make us beautiful?


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