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Lil Kim has sported many drastically different looks through the years thanks to multiple surgical interventions, but a shocking new Instagram snap seems to show the rap icon sporting a totally different skin color.

Kim, who looked like the picture below earlier in 2016, seems to have whitened her skin with either dramatic makeup or more invasive interventions in an Instagram snap she shared yesterday.

Kim, who is of African American and Native American Descent, shocked fans with her latest look and it is being interpreted by many as a sign of body dysmorphia that stems from years of harsh treatment about her looks.

Many fans took to Twitter to defend Lil Kim from the haters tearing her appearance apart and pointed out that the star has always been candid about her deep insecurities over her looks.

Although she hasn't spoken openly about her plastic surgery, there is no denying that Lil Kim has changed a lot through the years in both facial structure and skin color.

Lil Kim in 1994
Lil Kim in 1994

Whatever you might think of her face, nothing will change that fact that Lil Kim is one of the best female rappers out there, so maybe we should take a moment to remember her for her sick bars instead of her appearance.

Do you think people are wrong to bash Lil Kim for her appearance?

(Source: US Magazine)


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