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As an avid superhero fan and a viewer of the Marvel films and TV shows I was extremely excited when Daredevil season 2 was announced last year. The two part trailer was released and I couldn't wait. But did series two live up to the expectation and better its first series?

The series started off well with the familiarisation of Daredevil himself and all of the returning characters - as well as that, a great introduction to The Punisher. Of course included was another great corridor fight scene in episode three which was great to see after the iconic fight in series one. I didn't know much about The Punisher before the series was aired but by the end of the first few episodes I felt like I knew what he was about. At first I thought that The Punisher was going to be the main antagonist of the series but that that was quickly put to bed by the end of episode four when he was arrested.

I feel like from that moment onwards the show weakened and I found myself bored at points. I wasn't one hundred percent sure with what the show wanted me to focus on and what the main story was. I understand that if the story was just Daredevil chasing after The Punisher it would get tedious and repetitive but I just felt like there was a lot to keep up with. For example, the introduction of Elektra, Daredevil teaming up with Elektra, Matt's rocky relationship with Foggy and Karen and as well, The Frank Castle Case. Although Daredevil himself was going along with Elektra ultimately finding out information about 'The Hand' to contribute to the bigger picture, I just found myself bored and more interested in the Frank Castle case.

However, by the end of episode eight I felt like Daredevil truly did pick itself up and caught my attention again with the return of Wilson Fisk aka. The Kingpin. A viewers delight and a much needed event in the series to regain my attention. How crucial was he to the story? Not that crucial. Yes, he helped Castle find out important information about who murdered his family and of course the scene where he was with Matt was interesting to watch but ultimately it was just nice to see Vincent D'Onofrio's portrayal of The Kingpin again. Teasing a return by talking about his plans for release and what his plans are in the prison? who knows but it would be interesting to see.

In the final few episodes, the show was at its peak. The destruction of Nelson and Murdock, the kidnapping of Stick, the reveal of the identity of The Black Sky and the final realisation that the main antagonist in the whole series is 'The Hand' and right at the heart of that is Nobu. Wasn't what I thought would happen. I thought Daredevil would take them down many episodes ago but what I was given was a great final fight scene. The anger in Murdock when he was fighting Nobu for the final time with the co-operation of The Punisher on another rooftop picking off many of Nobu's men was great to watch and it felt right that Castle was teaming up with Murdock. A reminder of what happened in episode four when Murdock rescued Castle from the Irish. In the final part of the fight scene when Castle went to shoot Nobu but left him to Murdock and just simply nodded his head was a moment in that episode that was just great to watch and a brilliant moment in that scene.

Once Nobu was defeated there were many points in that episode where I thought the show was going to finish. I felt like throughout that last episode Matt Murdock had to reveal to Karen that he was Daredevil. Predictable? yes, but well needed to complete the series i'd say.

Overall I would say that series two of Daredevil was a great watch, but did hit a bump in the road in the mid section of the show and did require a bit more effort to watch. The final few episodes brought the show back to what makes it a success and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I would say there are elements of the show that were an improvement of series one but I wouldn't say that series two triumphed over the first. A great second series though.

Did you think Series two lived up to expectations? Did you enjoy the show? Let me know if you agree in the comments below!


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