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This morning we got were given a new X-Men Apocalypse trailer, and instead of re-hashing shots and dialogue that we've already seen, this new trailer is full of new information and scenes!

Check out the top moments!

We open up to Moira describing Apocalypse, similar to the previous trailer, but this time we see it! And Oscar Isaac's transformation is incredible!

We get an awesome new shot of Angel from early in the movie, before Apocalypse makes him cut his hair and he gets the metal wings!

Angel and Nighcrawler look to be in a cage match, and Mystique rescues Nightcrawler. Are they there against their will? This is Angel pre-Apocalypse, why didn't she rescue both?

As soon as she rescues Nightcrawler he says "You're her!" Does he recognize her from the news back in DOFP? Or does he actually recognize that she's his long lost mother?

We hear Magneto explain why he wants revenge. Apparently his family was killed, and we see him holding someone. A wife? A daughter?

There's some awesome visuals of Apocalypse's team!

Havok doesn't appear a lot in the trailer, he seems to not be around for the climactic fight! Who is he fighting inside of Cerebro?

Something happens to Xavier and so Beast and Mystique seem to take leadership of the New X-Men, and we finally see Mystique instead of Raven!

There's some humor here while Quicksilver explains to a shocked Mystique that Magneto is actually his father....

Not just the X-Men are at stake, but dozens of missiles seem to be firing off at the same time. I bet only Jean Grey can stop them!

During the climactic fight we'll see Storm vs Cyclops! Freaking YES!

We're also getting Psylocke vs. Beast, a fight I didn't even know I wanted! She still looks amazing!

And finally we see the tease of our favorite mutant!

First we see tons of bodies littering the ground.....

Second we see Quicksilver and Mystique show up and she comments on the bodies: "Well you've been busy!"

We quickly see that she's talking to Cyclops and Jean Grey..... and he replies "We had a little help...."

Finally we see a tease of what will, no doubt, be one of the best moments of of the film! Wolverine addressing the men that we previously saw all over the floor....

While this trailer is absolutely stunning, it does, however, bring several questions to mind!

  • What happens to Xavier, does he disappear after his psychic fight with Apocalypse?
  • What happens to Havok, why doesn't he seem to be in the second half of the film?
  • I would love to see the mother/son relationship explored between Mystique and Nightcrawler. Will we see it though?
  • How does Quicksilver know of his father, Magneto?
  • Why is Mystique so obsessed with hiding in her Raven form?
  • Where are Jean and Scott? Captured by Weapon X?
  • If so, why were only they captured? They apparently already know Mystique...
  • Last we saw Mystique she was posing as Stryker and took Wolverine to Weapon X. Assuming this is how she knew where to find them, why did she leave the facility, and this guise, in the first place?
  • If Cyclops is explaining to Mystique that they had help, does this mean that Wolverine had already left the facility before Mystique showed up?
  • Most importantly: Will Wolverine have more than just this cameo?


How much Wolverine do you want to see in "Apocalypse"?


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