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GTA V's creative community, who've been keeping this expansive game active for 2 and a half years already, have been putting the game's versatile photo mode to spectacular use, capturing the sprawling metropolis in unique, never-before-seen lights.

The sun-drenched landscapes of Los Santos and beyond provide ample opportunity for frame-worthy photo ops. But Imgur user Berdu has added his own film-inspired spin on the game's familiar environments, inspired by pop culture references Rockstar themselves would surely be proud of. Scroll down for some highlights, ot check out Berdu's full gallery of GTA V screenshots here.

Trevor's true colors

On top of the world

Green street gangster

Top Gun: Los Santos Edition

Blaine County for old men

'Merican stand off

Let the invasion commence

There's something under the ice...

Alley cat

Grand Theft Auto Tuners

L.S. Noire

Leap of faith

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