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Just an interesting Fan Story which can work very nicely in Fox's Gotham series and how the overall "new" lore is unfolding in this universe.

Already, we are seeing a very different take on the evolution of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. This season, we have seen them team up to hunt down the killers of Bruce's' parents and Gordan has taken uncharacteristic steps to find this information. Gotham is pulling from many different source materials and have been creative introducing them in a unique and fresh way. This does not bother me, because I feel that every artist needs to paint a tree differently, however it is still a tree.

With this interesting relationship growing between Gordon and Bruce, it made me think and weigh in what goals that each individual has. Gordon has gone down an interesting, very vigilante-like, path. We are seeing Bruce evolve from a helpless child, afraid of this new parent-less world; to a more brooding, methodical individual who has learned that certain ways are required to survive in Gotham. With the comic books changing as well, one revision to the iconic Batman character got me thinking: Batman #41.

I have yet to read the material, however what I understand is that Commissioner Gordon has taken on the mantle of Batman after Bruce Wayne was left for dead in a brawl with the Joker. This, of course, takes place well after Wayne has been Batman and not a child growing into the role, but I do have a plan.

What if: Bruce and Gordon continue to work together. With Bruce's money and Gordon's knowledge, we could see a very different take on the dynamic duo. Bruce can provide the necessary income to support Gordon and his new life of crime fighting while he continues to train under Alfred and Gordon's tutelage.
The relationship that could grow between the two would be interesting and different from what we have seen between the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder. As much as Gordon calls the shots, Bruce makes his own demands since he would be the President of Batmen Enterprises.

I did this real quick on Microsoft Paint...
I did this real quick on Microsoft Paint...

This does not mean the Bruce will not become the Vengeance of the night, or that Gordon can find himself back in the GPD to become Commissioner. This is just a fun and fantastic route the show could go. Already, I sense that if Bruce later takes on the mantle of The Batman, Gordon would be the first to realize who this individual may be. Just that relationship later in Bruce's life will allow his ability to work in the shadows, with someone on the GPD that can help him keep that identity safe and even make it more logical to include a bat signal on the roof.


What do you think about Gordon as Batman and Bruce being the first "Robin"?


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