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Today we received a new trailer for [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267). If you missed it earlier, watch it here:

The upcoming X-Men film showcases mutants we've known throughout the franchise, such as Xavier, Mystique, Beast and Magneto. We're also introduced to younger versions of classic characters, like Jean Grey, Cyclops and Nightcrawler. In addition, we're also getting new mutants, like Jubilee, Psylocke and Angel.

As exciting as this trailer is, it definitely brought up more questions than it did answers.

1. What Awakens Apocalypse?

In the comics, he goes into a deep sleep for thousands of years before being awoken when the world has more mutant energy, or more mutants among the Earth's populace. Is this going to translate the same on the big screen? It seems he could have awoken decades earlier if that had been the case. I think something larger will trigger his awakening and it'll be something that instigates his extreme hatred for humankind.

2. What Happens To Xavier?

Professor X seems to be around during the beginning of the trailer — until he has his psychic battle with Apocalypse. We see him beg Magneto not to join Apocalypse, but he's very obviously missing from the majority of the trailer and the climactic battle of X-Men versus Horsemen.

We hear Beast say, "They took him. Raven, the world needs the X-Men." Assuming he's talking about Xavier, where did they take him? Is he simply subdued or possibly dead to be later resurrected as a bald man?

3. How Does Quicksilver Know About His Father Magneto?

We met Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where he helped Xavier and Wolverine free Magneto from the Pentagon prison. The two have a fun little scene together in the elevator while they're alone. Quicksilver mentions that his mother used to know someone who could manipulate metal, but that's as close as we get to the big reveal that Magneto is his dad.

What's happened between these films that makes Quicksilver realize the truth? Obviously, Mystique is shaken and shocked, so the information clearly isn't widely known. Could their father-son relationship be healing for Magneto and bring him back from Apocalypse's control?

4. Who Killed Magneto's Family?

Magneto says to Xavier, "Whatever you think you saw in me, I buried it with my family." The word family makes us assume there were children involved as well as a wife. If it were just a spouse, he would have said wife, not family. Which of his children were killed? In a comic story line he has three mutant children (although it was later retconned): Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Polaris. He did, however, also have human children with a human woman, so it could be those lesser-known characters.

Who killed Magneto's family? We can assume it wasn't Apocalypse, or Magneto would have put up more of a fight, right? Could Weapon X make more of a footprint in this film than we thought?

5. Is Nightcrawler Aware That His Mother Is Mystique?

I'm so excited to see Nightcrawler back for this film! Not only is he a comic favorite, but he was amazing in X2! He's since been recast as a much younger version, but I still believe there is so much that can be explored with this longtime X-Man.

In the trailer, we first see Nightcrawler fighting Angel in a cage match and Mystique comes to his rescue. The two quickly teleport away, WITHOUT Angel! This is pre-Archangel, before Apocalypse controls him and makes him cut his hair. Why doesn't she recruit both mutants? Is she only rescuing him because he's her son, and she leaves Angel because this is pre-Apocalypse, so she's not concerned for him?

As soon as they teleport away, Nightcrawler takes a good look at her and exclaims, "It's you!" Does he simply recognize her from the news in Days of Future Past, or does he indeed remember that she's his mother? I would love to see this relationship explored. Maybe we will find out why she abandoned him in the first place!

6. What Happens To Havok?

Havok was barely seen in Days of Future Past after playing an important role in First Class, so it'll be fun to have him back. Just like Xavier, Havok seems to be in only half the trailer — why does he disappear halfway through? We see him in the beginning with Moira and Xavier discussing Apocalypse and his Horsemen, then again later in Cerebro blasting his energy — is he fighting someone, or under Apocalypse's control and destroying Cerebro? I'm also very curious to see how his relationship with Cyclops is explored.

7. Who Wins In The Fight Between Cyclops And Storm?

This is a fight that X-Men fans are super stoked to see. These two long-lasting characters have often been at odds in the comics, and even once had a physical fight over leadership of the X-Men in Xavier's absence.

Who could win this fight now, though? Cyclops says in the trailer that he doesn't know how to control his powers, and if Storm is under Apocalypse's control it's fair to assume she has an extreme grasp on her abilities.

8. How Did Jean And Scott Get Captured By Weapon X?

At the end of the trailer, Mystique "rescues" Jean and Cyclops from what we can only assume is a Weapon X facility. Mystique says, "Well, you've been busy," and Scott replies, "We had help," referring of course to Wolverine.

At the end of Days of Future Past, Wolverine was captured by Weapon X and Mystique was in disguise as Stryker. We can assume this is why Mystique knows where the facility is and how Wolverine got there — after all, he has his adamantium claws. Are Cyclops and Jean already familiar with Mystique, or is this how they're introduced to the X-Men? Could Mystique have actually been there hoping to recruit Wolverine to the Apocalypse fight, but she settled for Jean and Scott when Logan wasn't there?

9. Is This Wolverine's Only Appearance In The Film?

Cyclops's comment about Wolverine helping them escape is fairly funny, given Jean's blank stare and all the bodies littering the floor. We don't even see Wolverine in the trailer — just his new adamantium claws. Does he simply fight to escape the facility and leave Jean and Scott there, or does he join the X-Men for the climactic fight against Apocalypse?

I think we'd all love to see him duke it out with the Horsemen and Apocalypse, but I think it's far more likely we'll see him chase after Stryker and Weapon X.

I'm so excited for this film! So far it's shaping up to be one of the biggest superhero films yet, with one of Marvel's biggest and baddest villains around. May 27 can't come fast enough!


Which new X-Men are you most excited to see?


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