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If you've clicked in here I suspect you are not only a sci-fi fan, but someone who genuinely cares about helping others. So I'd like to ask you a question; or moreso point something out that I think you'll be interested in...

What do Hollywood actors Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds and Karl Urban all have in common? I'll share my thoughts with you. They each seem to be on a hell-bent quest to carry a specific comic book anti-hero into the light of a projector in a manner that hasn't been done before; that is to say unfiltered by silly money grabbing studio execs who don't really give a rats about the intricacies of our favourite solitary existential badasses.

The reason they don't give up on their unique goals is because each one is not only a real fan of their respective protagonist, but they seem to all share a truly genuinely held belief in the quality of stories available to draw from, and in the depth of the unconventional heroic individuals that they are each rooting for. They are all basically the living incarnates of the fan favourites, with no one else alive at this perfect moment in time to bring us all what we've been waiting for! A bleeding proper, raw, 18+, gum chewing, well made and stylishly presented hero flick that really appeals to our firmly felt fanaticism which'll leave us walking out of the cinema (or living room) saying, "Fuck yeah, that was totally worth the 10er. More of that please."

Remarkable in his endeavour, Reynolds was the first to initiate a decade-long journey to see his Merc with an unstitched Mouth story brought to life. And after all that time finally see it through to the winner-winner-chicken-dinner fantastic comic book movie that was, Deadpool. Ben is next in line to see his personal version of the troubled cape-crusader hit the screen. And even though I wasn't a fan of Zack Snyder's awfully all over the place Batman vs Superman, I think that Affleck is just biting his tongue through the bad reviews, quite content in the knowledge that he gets to bask in the glory of his proper fan-boy Dark Knight tale that he knows we'll all love.

Ok, sometimes life throws you a full stop. Other times the vision of something greater can be seen in bright flashy colours, or as is the case with Karl Urban and his Judge Dredd saga, a degenerate city full of dank, dark and gritty characters set in a grim future that he will not give up on until it's potential is fully realised on our wee pixelated screens.

The 2012 movie Dredd felt more like a feature length intro to what could be an amazing TV series and I think the new idea spearheaded by Urban is right on point. Superhero stories and characters need to be developed over time, as is the way of the original comic format, with arcs and ongoing plots that take time to be resolved. You need to go on the life-long adventure with the character and come across the obstacles with them along the way. Disappointed when they make mistakes or cheering when they do something you resonate with. That just can't be done in a one movie sitting, it's boring and unfulfilling. Marvel Studios have clearly realised that and the strength of their movies are really shining bright now that they are all combo-ing together in the action-packed crescendo that is Captain America: Civil War, or the previous Avengers flicks.

Urban's campaigning to get a sequel to Dredd, has now evolved into the idea of asking for a TV series to be ordered and I think we can all get behind it! As the man says himself, there is a wealth of 2000AD stories from the British studios vault. And with the success and adult quality of the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, a Judge Dredd show in the same vein of the 2012 movie could be really deadly.

For instance one of the more important and epic Dredd tales, 'The Four Dark Judges' could be an awesome plot line for a tv series. It sees the introduction of the Lawman's totally wicked looking arch nemesis, Judge Death along with Judge Fire, Judge Fear, Judge Mortis as they come to Mega-City One and pass the sentence of Death on anyone guilty of life!

Actress Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame has already shown her support. If you'd like to get involved too, like the campaign Facebook page, follow on Twitter, watch personal messages of thanks from Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby, and then help spread the word!

To finish off, and incase you're wondering who's been talking to you for the last few minutes. It's me, Seán. Hey! I'm new around here at If you'd like to connect, support or follow me; I'd thank you a thousand times. Check out my profile here, or if you're feeling adventurous you can take a trip over to, where I've been blogging about other stuff you might be into.

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