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The final X-Men trailer has arrived before it's release on May 27th--AND MAN I AM EXCITED! Just to make things clear to comic book and movie fans alike, the final trailer is always meant to be the final box office push; an attempt to bring the greatest amount of appeal to the target audience. The studio wants to bust out all the stops so they can touch on at least one appealing thing per demographic to get a huge array of people excited for the high-budget film. Objectively speaking, the latest X-Men trailer is an absolute success.

In it's most epic trailer to date, X-Men: Apocalypse gives practically every character some decent screen time, comparable to the Captain America: Civil War trailers slowly revealing every character who would be in the film. Beyond that, the trailer pretty thoroughly explains the plot, revealing the demise of Magneto's family, the abduction of Charles Xavier, and the impending destruction of the planet, Earth.

Action is everywhere, accompanied by perfectly intense background music (Instrumental of Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot").

Tensions seem a little high with Cyclops and Storm
Tensions seem a little high with Cyclops and Storm

Of course what would a good final trailer be without a little comic relief as Evan Peters' Quicksilver explains to Mystique that he knows Magneto is his father?


Speaks for itself
Speaks for itself

Yes, the trailer is meant to be a total crowd pleaser, but it's necessary if you want to see your favorite mutants keep returning to the big screen. I certainly do. To sum things up, this trailer is not only objectively successful, but it's subjectively awesome. It looks like X-Men 2 and Iron Man had a baby that kicks ass, takes names, and cashes some fat [email protected]!%ing checks. I am amped, and I'll be first in line come May 27.

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