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Many of us might have wondered about the Knightmare of Bruce Wayne while he was decoding the data that he stole from Lex Luthor. Let's try to find out the Clues hidden in it

*Spoiler Alert*

1. The Location and The Scenario

As the Knightmare begins, we observe a War stricken environment just like we see in many movies like Terminator – Salvation or Video games like Fallout. A non-fertile desert land with buildings on the verge of deterioration. It can rather be remainder of Gotham or Metropolis after some devastating calamity.

We can see a big Omega (Ω) symbol. Comic book fans are aware of meaning of this Symbol. Well it can be little irrelevant to the plot of the movie but it will play an important role in this theory. Further we can see at this point Batman has become a lethal killer which may not is in accordance to his ethics. I feel like what’s point of not killing when most of the people are already dead because of the calamity. Batman then inspects a semi-truck with who can only be assumed to be the Sons of Batman, or at the least background characters meant to mirror them. There’s a box in the truck which open ups to emit some sort of Green Light , at this point most of the guys sitting in Theatre might have thought , “oh okay, it’s kryptonite” .

Right after some time Superman arrives there and you realize it was all a set up. Cue the Sons of Superman coming in fighting alongside Parademons from Apokolips (oh yes, that is definitely what they are). They basically murder the Sons of Batman and capture Batman.

The Flying Creatures are known as Parademons
The Flying Creatures are known as Parademons

The next part of the sequence is Batman being chained up, in some sort of chamber along with some of his allies. Superman receives hailing from Sons of Superman as he arrives in the chamber. Superman personally executes the remaining Sons of Batman. He yells at Batman , ‘You took her (Lois Lane) away from me ‘and then murders him .This part can be explained further with multiple references.

2. The Warning of The Flash

Cue one of the most important scenes for the Justice League and the foundation of this theory. A rift opens up in time and space in front of Bruce in the Batcave, waking Bruce from the dream (of sorts), and the Flash makes an appearance. “BRUCE!” he screams, halfway through the portal/halfway still in “LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW! IT’S LOIS! LOIS LANE! SHE’S THE KEY!”. Then his voice begins to falter. But still yelling he cries, “AM I TOO SOON? TOO SOON. YOU WERE RIGHT ABOUT HIM; YOU WERE ALWAYS RIGHT ABOUT HIM. FEAR HIM! FEAR HIM AND FIND US YOU HAVE TO FIND US BRUCE!”. Then with a loud crack as suddenly as he appeared, he vanishes into the portal, and Bruce wakes up at his desk for a second time.

Now the Surprise Cameo left behind some clues about the further installments of the franchise. The words of Flash can be related to the Video Game/Comic named as ‘ Injustice – Gods among us ‘ where Lois Lane dies and superman loses his cool .

3. The Things from the Other Worlds

Further while fighting with Doomsday, WonderWoman said “I've killed things from other worlds before”. She was probably pointing towards Parademons. Even at one moment she said , ‘ I have been away from Mankind for many years ‘. Suggesting that she has realized something about some serious threat . Before that Diana Prince even attended the Function of Lex Luthor where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent met. When Bruce was trying to take away the secret data from Lex, Diana stole the drive at the final moment. Bruce managed to meet Diana Again and She insured that she is also behind Lex and his intentions and returned the drive to him.

Bruce Wayne managed to decrypt the Secret Data. He got to know about some Metahumans including The Flash , Cyborg , Aquaman and even WonderWoman . The email received by Diana reveals many things . When Cyborg is revealed in this film we see a MotherBox form into his tech, bringing him alive. Now we can refer this to an Animated movie ‘ Justice League – War ‘ Where an athlete named Victor Stone got attacked by an alien Material from a Box kind of thing named ‘ MotherBox’ leading to the transplantation of Victor’s body , making him Cyborg

This things are explaining something else .What we saw in Bruce’s Knightmare was NOT a dream sequence that symbolized his internal fear of what Superman will become if left unchecked; rather, Bruce Wayne himself mistakes the sequence for this at the time. What were actually occurring were Bruce’s memories from a parallel timeline collapsing in on themselves, similar to the seizures the Flash experiences in the story Flashpoint. The reason why Superman was fighting alongside Parademons, why we see an omega symbol burned into the earth, and why they showed us a MotherBox in cyborg's sequence was to foreshadow the coming of Darkseid.


Darkseid , for those who don’t follow the comics, is a demi-God ruler of a hellish planet (and I mean that very literally) whose power level frequently goes well above Superman's. His ultimate goal is to control the universe. To accomplish this he seeks out planets with life and invades them with devices called MotherBoxes, technology that among other things allows intergalactic travel instantaneously. He terraforms and/or destroys the planet, steals its resources for himself, captures every living thing, and organically changes it on a molecular scale into monsters called Parademons. Parademons serve and die for him. Then he uses parademons to invade the next planet. He also gains followers who he does not turn into monsters by using an Anti-Life Equation; something that works with a similar property to a magic possession spell, that when exposed to forces you to serve Darkseid. If that doesn't give you an idea of how bad news this guy is, let me just say that the only time the Justice League in comics have ever actually defeated him (instead of just sending him back to where he came from), it ripped apart time and space while collapsing reality in an event called Final Crisis.

The coming of Darkseid was actually what Bruce was seeing in the Knightmare sequence. The reason Superman was acting the way he was is because Darksied sees the Man of Steel as too strong of an asset to simply kill. Rather, he wants to take control over Superman perhaps by using the Anti-Life equation to force Superman to work for him. This is what has happened in the Knightmare sequence. Superman has either by choice or by force been made to work for Darksied. The animated Movie ‘Justice League – War ‘ shows that Superman was captured by Darkseid but ultimately Bat somehow managed to save him .

When the Flash appears to Bruce in Batman Vs Superman, he is not warning Bruce about an out of control Superman; he is warning him about Darksied. He says Lois Lane is the key, which she hardly was in this movie, and that Bruce should “fear him”. One of the most critical pieces of evidence for this theory we receive is Flash asks if he’s “too soon”. He was. The death of Superman had not happened yet so Bruce would not understand the coming of Darksied. He mistakes it for Superman trying to rule earth. This is why at the end of the movie, Bruce explains to Diana (Wonderwoman) that he still wants to find the other Heroes, even if they’re not ready to be found. He states “has a feeling” that something else is still coming.

Nice feeling Bruce, Flash screamed it at you.

5. ‘He is coming’ – Lex luthor

Everything Lex Luthor says at the end of the movie correlates with this theory as well. Lex knows all too well about Darksied. This is why he was practically crying when he was talking to Batman about it. Lex had seen the data from the universe on the Kryptonion ship’s database, and had asked the computer to teach him about it. Lex goes on and on at the end about how news of the death of Superman had already been spread further than earth. He even says, “He’s hungry. He's coming. He's found us.” when he is warning Batman about what’s out there. Cyborg's scene showed that Motherboxes are already on earth and are operational. The symbolism of the painting in Lex Luthor’s home about the devils coming from the sky is not completely about Superman. It’s about Darkseid’s invaders and lieutenants. When Lex realized he would not be able to control Doomsday, he had lost faith that humanity has any angels from the ground to fight for them.

It’s like that on purpose. It’s why Flash was pointing out that he was too soon. The reason Bruce has his parallel memories collapse in on him at such a weird time is because of the Flash appearing to him at the wrong time. Flash was “too soon” and so were the memories. Fear not though Junior Justice Members, the Batman seems to be on the case by the end of the movie. Wonderwoman is right behind him which is good, because our favorite heroes are going to need all the help they can get for what’s coming.


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